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Gaming Chairs

Unlock the next level of comfort with our range of gaming chairs at All Round Fun. If you spend hours playing your favourite video games, you need a supportive chair to keep you comfortable. An ergonomic gaming chair (some with built in speakers and light-up features) will immerse you in the game and elevate your gaming experience.

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Desirable features on a gaming chair

On the lookout for the perfect addition to your gaming setup? Look out for the following:
  • Adjustability - As mentioned above, it’s recommended that you choose an adjustable and ergonomic chair that you can completely personalise to suit your body type and height.
  • Swivel - Swivel chairs are ideal for providing an extra level of convenience — giving you mobility when it comes to quickly readjusting into a new position. For extra flexibility, choose a chair on casters so that you can move around the room with ease.
  • Light up - Many gaming chairs come with embedded LED lights that are ideal for streamers — light up your feed with a chair with LED lights.
  • Surround sound - Immerse yourself in the game completely with surround sound and 3D audio, allowing the ambience of your virtual world to permeate into your room.
  • Tiltable backrest - Choose a tiltable backrest to give you extra flexibility to find the right position when you’re playing for hours on end.
  • Chargeability - For those LED lights and speaker systems, you don’t want to be constantly plugged into the wall. Look out for chargeable chairs that you can plug in overnight — so when you’re ready to game once more, it’s ready and waiting.

How to adjust your PC gaming chair

These gaming chairs are fully adjustable, meaning that whatever your stature, you can benefit from increased comfort. If you’re spending hours at your PC, it’s important to ensure that your setup is completely ergonomic to prevent injury to your back, wrists or shoulders.

To adjust your chair, make sure that:

  • Your feet can sit flat on the ground
  • Your knees are in line with your hips
  • Your arms can rest on the desk without stretching

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