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Air Hockey

The high-speed, reactionary game of air hockey requires a frictionless table with tiny holes, through which gusts of air ensure that the puck can glide across the air hockey table.

Air hockey was first invented as a competitive, fast-paced table top game that involved two competing players trying to score in the opposing player’s goal. Originally, players would use a mallet to hit the puck, whereas today, players use a pusher.

Due to internal fans, a cushion of air is created through tiny holes on the surface of the air hockey table. Players can choose between a frictionless table or a low friction table, depending on their level of skill.

Each air hockey table is mains operated and will include a table, two pushers and a puck. Tables will always have a smooth surface with demarcations that show the half way point, each third of the table, goal and circles to show where the pushers and puck should start off. Usually, the puck will start in the middle of the table, and on the count of three, players can battle to hit the puck into the opposing goal. After this, other rounds will begin with one person in possession of the puck, and the winner of the game is the first person to accumulate seven points.

At All Round Fun we have a range of air hockey tables, with various features and functions. Each table provides a different experience – so depending on the skill level of the people playing, you might choose something completely different to the next person.

If you’re looking for something high-tech, the Gamesson 6ft Spectrum Air Hockey Table has an electronic scorer display so that you’re able to keep track of your games easily, meaning you can say goodbye to squabbles over who’s winning. Mightymast Air Hockey Tables include leg levellers that allow the table to be placed on uneven surfaces and not hinder gameplay.

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