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Air Hockey

The unique frictionless surface of an air hockey table creates a frenzied, high-speed game that will test your reflexes and nerve.

An abstracted version of Ice Hockey, the Air Hockey game was invented by a group of Brunswick Billiards employees as a competitive, fast-paced, table top game which involves two competing players trying to score in the opposing player’s goal for points using two mallets and a puck.

The tables are frictionless thanks to internal fans which create a cushion of air through tiny holes on the playing surface. Depending on your preferences and level of skill, we have both frictionless and low friction tables.

All of our air hockey sets are mains operated and include a table, two mallets and a puck.

Tables consist of a smooth playing surface, a surrounding rail which prevents the puck and mallets from leaving the table, goal slots and a puck return on both ends of the table.

These tables with their shiny gloss tops, bold pitch markings and curved bodies will look great in any space, even when not in use.

We have a range of tables, all with various features and functions. Each table provides different experiences. Our Gamesson 6ft Spectrum Air Hockey table has an electronic score counter, while our Gamesson 3ft Buzz Air Hockey Table is a lightweight, battery operated iteration, but is just as fun and exciting.

The Mightymast 4ft Whirlwind offers independent leg levellers which allows the table to be placed on uneven, soft and hard surfaces while the Mightymast 5ft Typhoon 2-in-1 Air Hockey and Table Tennis game lets you alternate between two different table games.

The air hockey tables we currently have in stock are produced by highly regarded manufacturing companies, such as Gamesson, Mightymast and BCE, and sizes range from 3ft to 7ft.


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