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Wooden Climbing Frames

Wooden Climbing Frames


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Wooden Climbing Frames

Our wooden climbing frames provide children with their own timeless fun and are a fantastic addition to any garden. We have an extensive variety of frames, from highly experienced and trusted manufacturers, including Plum, Action and Little Tikes. Many of our Action and Plum wooden climbing frames also arrive at your home with a free gift!

The activities these wooden frames offer for your children is vast. They include:

• Slides of various sizes to glide down.

• Swing bars, that can also be used for a variety of strength building exercises.

• Picnic tables with lift off lids and trays. • Lookout towers and forts for creative play.

• Sandpits for digging, hiding treasures, and for making shapes from the sand, such as sand castles.

• Rock walls and monkey bars, for climbing and swinging from bar to bar respectively, improving a child's strength and hand-eye co-ordination.

• Sturdy high sided rails, to increase safety and reduce any chance of injury.

• Swings, consistently popular with children of all ages.

All of our wooden climbing frames sold here at All Around Fun stick to strict FSC guidelines and come from sustainable forests that are well looked after. These wooden parts are covered with protective agents to prevent wood rot and insect damage for at least 10 years from the date of purchase. This wood is also precut, drilled and stained. Play towers, swing frames, decks and floorboards are all made from seasoned superior FSC pressure treated wood. We strive to ensure that you get a premium product, whilst also meeting all safety requirements.