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Climbing Frames

We have many wooden and plastic climbing frames available, as well as an assortment of climbing frame accessories. You will find here frames designed solely for climbing, and other frames that are so large and come with so many other features, they may contain more swings and slides than your local park!

Climbing frames featuring picnic tables and pirate ship themes, climbing frames coming with forts and free gifts. There are wooden climbing frames built with seasoned premium FSC pressure treated Pine and plastic climbing frames made from the most technologically advanced, vigorously tested, and child-safe blow moulded plastics. Here at All Round Fun you will surely find a climbing frame that will provide enough excitement to exceed your child's expectations (and all of their friends' too).

Climbing frame accessories include:

• Tree swing ropes.

• Steel carabineers, to hang swings and swinging accessories from (Coming complete with necessary parts for installation).

• Telescopes, periscopes and binoculars.

• Tyre swings, swing seats and baby swings.

• Basketballs and basketball rings.

• Letter boxes and blackboards.

• Gym bars and fireman's poles.

• Ground anchors, for increased climbing frame stability, and therefore increased child safety.

• Rock climbing footholds.

• Slides of many sizes and colours.

• 'Protektamats' (Protecting your children, and also the lawn from wear and tear).