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Outdoor Lights

Brighten up those dark winter nights with a set of festive lights that are fun for the whole family. Deck your tree with a string of colour-changing Christmas lights for endless appeal or stick with a simple warm-white glow for a traditional holiday atmosphere.

Why not spread festive cheer to everyone who passes by with a stunning set of outdoor Christmas lights? From icicle lights to classic multi-colour LEDs guaranteed to give the brightest glow, our collection below is guaranteed to make your Christmas wish come true.

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How to install your Christmas lights

  • Check your lights are suitable for outdoor use
  • Plug them in at ground level to ensure that they all work
  • If you are using a weatherproof extension lead, check that it reaches the full distance to the outside of your house
  • Think about your display before you get started
  • You will need two people: one to hold the ladder straight and still, and one to hang the lights
  • Attach decorating clips or gutter hooks to your home, using enough to support the weight of the lights
  • Plug the lights in, and work backwards from the socket, mounting them as you go
  • Check your handiwork

Creating a Santa’s grotto with outdoor lights

Create the perfect winter ambience in your garden with a Santa’s grotto, handmade from outdoor Christmas lights.

  • Choose a lighting focal point - Whether it’s a light up outdoor Christmas tree or a reindeer, choose a lighting focal point to draw the eye to your grotto.
  • Drape LEDs - Set the scene by draping LED lights around the edge of the grotto. Icicle lights work particularly well, as their warm light helps to create a cosy atmosphere and set a traditional Christmas scene.
  • Add a light-up Santa - To finish the look, add a Santa Christmas light to showcase a display to be proud of!

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