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Climbing Frames Buying Guide

Climbing frames are a great way to enhance playtime in the garden in a safe and exciting way. Kids of all ages can enjoy playing together on a climbing frame that incorporates different elements: from swings and slides to dens, rock walls, and sandpits. At All Round Fun, our range of climbing frames is bound to include something that suits your tastes and budget.

Climbing frames are usually made from wood, but certain styles are also available in metal. These large pieces of play equipment are ideal for larger gardens or communal outdoor areas – but be aware that if you intend to use the climbing frame commercially as opposed to in a residential garden, you may need equipment that is tested to different safety standards.

Climbing frames are fun pieces of equipment, but they also have real benefits for children’s growing minds and bodies. From helping to develop creativity and imaginative play skills, to advancing hand-eye coordination and social skills - this buying guide will assess the benefits of climbing frames and help you to come to an informed decision about which frame to buy.

Choosing the best climbing frame

In order to determine the size of the climbing frame you should buy, consider how many children will be using it at any one time (and how big they are!).

Wherever you decide to place it, it should be possible to leave a large enough landing area around the outside of the frame in order to protect kids from nasty falls. Nearby low hanging trees should also be pruned back to avoid them encroaching on the areas.

With these requirements in mind, you should find it easier to figure out what size climbing frame will be a good fit for your garden, and you’ll have a good idea of where you can place it.

Wooden climbing frames

Most climbing frames are made from timber, as it’s a hard-wearing material that, if properly maintained, doesn’t diminish in strength as it ages. It’s also a lot better for the environment than some other manufactured materials, with Plum climbing frames for instance being FSC certified which means that they are environmentally sound.

A climbing frame is a large structure that will change the look of your garden considerably, so it’s important to purchase one that will work well with the current look and feel of your garden. This is another reason that wooden climbing frames are commonly chosen, as a wooden structure is likely to be more in-keeping with your garden design than a metal counterpart.

To protect the wood of your climbing frame from weathering and damage, stain and varnish it every few summers. This maintenance will also keep it looking at its best for longer.

Metal climbing frames

Metal climbing frames are usually smaller, and tend to be in a dome shape. These dome climbing frames are ideal for transforming into dens and hideaways by simply draping blankets over the top of the structure. Some metal climbing frames can even be assembled at two different heights, so that the frame can grow as the children do.

A metal climbing frame can also prove to be a better choice than a wooden one when ease of assembly is taken into account. Metal climbing frames are relatively easy to disassemble and then reassemble in a new location if you’re looking to move home, or the same location if you use your garden for multiple purposes. Generally, the lower height of metal climbing frames also means that parents can actively engage in play with children, and easily supervise.

Benefits of climbing frame parts

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Climbing Frame Safety

When positioning the climbing frame, consider safety. The main thing to make sure of is that you install it on a level surface to make sure that it’s safe and steady.

Alongside having a solid and flat foundation, most people choose to surround their climbing frames with a softer, more forgiving material such as woodchips, bark, or grass. It's also important to keep other play equipment or garden features out of the immediate vicinity of the climbing frame to make sure that access isn't difficult or dangerous.

Even if you have all of these safety measures in place, you should still always supervise children whilst they are playing.

Browse our full range of garden climbing frames now and choose the one that best suits your needs. If you need any more support in making your choice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0800 043 0437.