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Paradiso has been around since 1989, and since their start they have been building up an exciting and high quality range of novelties, always looking for next best new thing. Over the year Paradiso has acquire a great amount of knowledge in the market which is why they guarantee quality levels, as all their products are controlled from the beginning of the production process until the very end when the products enter the market.

Understand that price is a main feature for when a customer is thinking about buying a product, Paradiso provide their customers with a range where affordable as well as some more expensive toys can be found all guaranteeing an incredible quality and extremely safe design.

Paradiso put a lot of effort into the quality of their products, which is why they have become one of the leaders of in- and outdoor toys. Always keeping ahead of the competition, Paradiso enhance quality, safety and price as the building blocks of their success.

Offering an incredible range of in- and outdoor playground products whilst maintaining the top safety standards and environment friendly approach, Paradiso manufacture high quality products that exceed safety standard norms.

Always looking for new playful and exciting ranges, Paradiso will be sure to provide you with the ideal toys for your children, promising both beautiful designs and practical features that will prove to be long lasting so your children can have endless hour of fun.