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Kiddimoto Balance Bikes are crafted from natural birch plywood and will provide a safe and fun experience for your toddler. Presenting a wide range of designs and styles to suit your child, they will love the different colours Kiddimotto have on offer.

Kiddimotto have an incredible assortment of Balance Bikes, that have also come to be known as Ride-Ons or Pedalless Bikes. Designed to be used by very young children, these bikes encourage your little one to balance and steer as they sit on the bike and move it around by pushing along the ground with their feet.

Balance Bikes will boost your children's confidence, eventually encouraging them to lift both feet off the ground, scooting forward and balancing whilst occasionally dabbing a foot on the floor when the bike leans over. Kiddimotto guarantee's Balance Bikes that will encourage your children to balance and learn while having wonderfully fun times!

Catering for both young boys and girls, Kiddimotto present a number of designs that your child will undoubtedly love. The fun and fresh images will enhance your child's imagination by allowing them to create certain character's and scenario's in their mind enabling them to play for hours.

A Balance Bike will make the perfect first bike for your child, and Kiddimotto only creates Balance Bikes of the highest standards. Your children will develop their motor skills and coordination whilst having terrific fun, making Kiddimotto's Balance Bike the ideal gift for any toddler!