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  • KBT Yellow Plastic Swing Seat

    Strong and sturdy extrusion blow moulded plastic swing seat with adjustable height PP rope...

    • Blow-moulded plastic swing seat
    • Adjustable height
    • Suitable for beam height: 180 - 230 cm
    • 1 year against manufacturing defects on all parts

    Our Price: £9.99

    Next Day Free Delivery

KBT has been developing, manufacturing and distributing playground equipment for both private and public use since 1980. Alongside years of experience, KBT have gained the power to offer a wide array of high quality playground equipment accessories in different models, colours and sizes guranteeing a fun and safe product for your little ones.

Creating and producing safe and innovative playground equipment components with an excellent value for money is what makes KBT stand out from the rest of the brands. Their skilled designers have brought out stunning ranges that present various styles and colours, allowing you to choose the perfect product for your child and home.

The wonderful designs alongside great practicality, make KBT the prestigious brand that it is, guaranteeing you with only the highest quality products. All of KBT's products are safe, high quality, and original designs, making them ideal for your children to use.

KBT have recently started developing their designs with the help on customers' suggestions and drawings, in order to ensure the customer with the perfect product they wish for. These products are usually mere modifications of KBT's standard models, dimensions and colours, therefore proving to be a brand of the highest quality.

You can be sure that your children will love KBT's ranges of playground equipment as they will be provided with products that will guarantee endless hours of fun.


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