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JumpKing is the largest Trampoline manufacturer in the world and have been manufacturing trampolines for over 20 years, gaining unrivalled experience in the trampoline market. They offer adult and childrens trampolines that come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit every garden and budget.

With millions of Trampolines sold worldwide, every Jumpking trampoline is manufactured to US (ASTM) and EU (TUV) standards, providing you with a Trampoline that offers great quality and security.

JumpKing has become the world leader in Trampoline manufacturers as they have been around for longer than most trampoline manufacturers.

Buying a JumpKing Trampoline will be a decision you certainly won't regret. This brand offers a number of incredible advantages as their manufacturers design their trampolines based on experience built up over many years, guaranteeing only the best quality.

If any of the pieces of your trampoline happen to wear out or wear down, you will always be able to buy spare parts for your trampoline, even years later. They are still supplying spare parts to customers in the UK who bought their trampolines over ten years ago! You will see the JumpKing branded trampolines almost everywhere these days.

JumpKing focus more on the mid to upper ranges, which are designed to keep your children bouncing even after 10 or moreyears.


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