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Italtrike are a prestigious Italian company that were established in 1983. With over 30 years of experience in Tricycles, Italtrike's products are crafted from a sturdy steel, guaranteeing your child with both a beautiful and excellent quality bike.

Italtrike's designs are especially designed to suit your children's movements, guaranteeing them the most comfortable experience. Featuring different position and adjustable seats, Italtrike's bikes give your children the right space for them to grow into and use over the years.

Offering a wide range of wonderfully designed trikes, find the perfect one for your child. From a first trike that helps your children improve their balance and coordination whilst providing a parenting push handle that can be removed once your children are capable of riding by themselves, to the Iltatrike OKO range that features a 16 inch wheel with a safety cover, you can be sure to find the ideal tricycle for your little one to ride on.

Providing features such as a bucket which is ideal to hold their favourite teddy or snack, to a cool electronic desk, your kids will certainly be the 'cool kids' on the block. An adjustable handle bar, a safety belt, a removable push bar and pedals as well as brakes, allow your children to ride a stylish tricycle whilst providing the best and safest riding experience for your little one.