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Baghera offers a stunning range of innovative Pedal Cars, Ride-Ons and Wooden Toys for children. They provide a retro style that will inspire both children and adults whilst providing a fun and active play experience.

Created in France by a young team of designers, Baghera take inspiration from old cars that made generations dream. The Baghera cars will excite kids as well as adults. Each model was born from long hours of work. From the design and tooling, particular attention was given to the quality of the finish.

Every design they offer is unique, as the concept, design or the implantation will be the product of several hours of work by their talented designers. All models are compliant to European Safety Standards so that you can be sure your little one is safe when cruising around in their car.

Baghera's Classic Pedal Cars provide a touch of sophistication for modern Ride-On cars, from a bygone era. The Classic Pedal Car has a heavy gauge steel body which is both lightweight and sturdy, ensuring a long lasting product.

Finished in beautiful designs that are sratch resistant in durable lead free powder coating, Baghara's Pedal Cars are built to last. Featuring four rubber wheels, easyturning steering wheels, chrome grills and adjustable seats and pedals. These pedal cars will provide endless hours of fun for little ones on the move.

Attention to the quality of the product alongside the safety of your children ensures that all of Baghera’s products are produced according to safety standards, allowing your children to enjoy their toys to the maximum whilst staying safe.

Childhood is a time for dreams and adventures, which is why Baghera offer a wide range of retro style metal pedal cars, to inspire children of all ages.


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