Winter is Coming… Protect your Trampoline!

It’s that time of the year again, when the dark nights draw in before you finish work, awakening to a frosty lawn and of course, the great British rain. Here at All Round Fun, we provide a wide selection of accessories that are designed to protect your trampoline throughout the winter months. We help you get the most of your money by extending the life of your trampoline – not a bad investment, eh?6ft-mag-2


Trampoline Springs

When exposed to the elements, we all know metal rusts and can become damaged, weakened or stretched; if this occurs, your springs probably need replacing. We offer a selection of sizes that are suitable for all trampolines and these are easily installed using a spring pulling tool, which is also available through our website. If your springs are not replaced or if you have some missing, this can caused issues with your trampoline. The weight of the bouncer will not be evenly distributed which can cause issues with your frame, but you can also lose the bounce ability – resulting in a less fun experience! Key components you need to know when replacing your springs are the amount you need and the length of the springs required (from hook to hook), as different trampolines has different sized springs!

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Spring Padding

Trampoline spring padding has multiple uses, the main one being protection for your child from hurting themselves on the hard metal; whether that is through banging themselves on it, or if their feet were to slip between the gaps in the springs. The other use is protection for your springs from the weather, particularly rain, as this causes rusting and weakening of the springs. Measuring your trampoline to find the correct size padding is fairly straight forward, all you need to do is measure from one side of the metal frame to the other. Offering a variety of different spring padding, we are sure we can provide the right size for you. From more affordable padding, to different colours and a range of sizes, All Round Fun have the spring padding for you!

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Weather Covers

Our weather covers are designed to protect your trampoline from debris, such as bird droppings, ash, tree sap and UV rays produced from the sun. We all know that here, in Britain, we don’t see much sun during winter, but the little that we do can actually damage your trampoline under long term exposure! The UV rays from the sun can cause drying out and cracking of the jumping mats. As a note, trampoline jumping mats are not water proof. This is actually more beneficial to your trampoline in this way as large heavy pools of water can cause a dipping effect in the centre of the jumping mat. As a result of this, long term, constant stretching can stretch springs permanently which reduces their spring, and also the spring of the trampoline. In order to find the size of the weather cover needed, simply measure from one edge of the metal frame to the other.

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Anchor kits
With winter well on its way, the high winds are picking up and your trampoline is at risk of blowing away, or at least blowing over and becoming damaged. If you live in a particularly windy area, then it Is recommended that you invest in a trampoline anchor kit, as it not only prevents damage to your trampoline, but also the rest of your garden. The anchor kits we offer are designed by Plum, a reliable trampoline manufacturer, so you can be assured you are getting the right product for your trampoline. They consist of a heavy duty cork-screw that secures into the ground, attaching to the trampoline via a sturdy strap which wraps around the trampoline frame.

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