What To Look For In Your New Trampoline

Trampolines are perfect for family gardens, providing hours of fun for the kids. But that doesn’t mean the grown-ups have to miss out on all the fun – they’re also a great way to burn off a few pounds while bouncing with the little ones.

The trampoline market can be overwhelming though, thanks to the huge number of variables to consider, leaving you scratching your head over the best trampoline to buy. That’s why we’ve done the leg work for you and put together this handy guide to help you make an informed choice for your new garden centrepiece.

Review your options

A great way to research a manufacturer or a specific trampoline model is to read trampoline reviews. Most of our trampolines feature unbiased user reviews underneath their description. Of course, these reviews are subjective, but they’ll provide a general consensus compiled by customers who once approached trampoline buying with trepidation.

After perusing the reviews, you’ll be ready to assess your options. Read on to discover the factors you need to consider when looking for your ideal trampoline.

Weight limits

The first point to look at is the trampoline’s weight limit.

While some models are designed for a single user only, trampolines boasting higher specifications can support several hundred kilograms – perfect for post-barbeque bouncing, or as a fun interim activity at the baby shower.

However, be mindful that the weight limits aren’t based on the size of the trampoline alone, but on a number of different variables, which we’ll cover below.

All reputable trampoline manufacturers will make your search easier by including the weight limit recommendation on the packaging, which should always be adhered to. By staying within the limit, you’ll prolong the life of your trampoline while also keeping yourself, your family, and your friends safe.  

Space required

A common first-timer buyer mistake is underestimating the area of space required for a trampoline. To address this, ensure your garden has enough space for the trampoline by measuring out the space to ensure there’s enough clearance it, and remove any obstructive objects from its vicinity.

The surface on which your trampoline will stand is another key consideration prior to purchase. To minimise injury risk sustained by landing on a hard surface; make sure your trampoline is erected on a soft surface – ideally grass.


After establishing the weight limit and space required for your trampoline, we highly recommend installing a trampoline enclosure to minimise the risk of injuries.

A study by RoSPA – the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and Oxford University Hospitals Trust – estimates that 13,000 trampolining injuries are treated in English A&E departments every year! Make sure you’re not one of them by investing in an enclosure.

Handlebars for children

Mini bouncers up to the age of 5 will have significantly less stability than older users, therefore we recommend a buying a child-specific trampoline if it’s a treat for your toddlers. Most of these trampolines include handlebars as standard, allowing for minimal jumping and maximum stability.

Size matters

Our trampoline selection ranges from 4ft junior varieties to 15ft family-sized bouncers. And if you’re scouring the multiple-user trampoline market, you’ll require a model with a substantial surface area.

Here’s some examples of surface area/user ratios:

Surface area Number of users
8 feet diameter Ideal for one to two people
12 feet diameter Ideal for one to three people
15 feet diameter Ideal for two to three people

It’s also worth noting that we offer oval models which offer more space. Nevertheless, you should ensure that the weight capacity limit is applicable to your needs, as we discussed above. For example, an eight-foot surface area may have a weight capacity of 80kg, which may be ideal for two juniors, but only for one adult.

UV protective padding

While indoor trampolines are exempt from this suggestion, UV Protective Padding for outdoor models is essential as it’ll safeguard your investment by maintaining the colour and condition of your trampoline.

UV protective padding also enables you to keep your trampoline out in the sun on occasion. Nevertheless, we urge you to cover your trampoline when it’s not in use.  


As with any product purchase, we strongly recommend checking the product’s warranty before buying. Usually, trampoline warranties are only valid when your trampoline is positioned on a soft surface, such as grass or wood chips. Therefore, by erecting your trampoline on a soft surface, you’ll be protecting your investment as well as your loved ones.

Finally, check to see if the warranty covers your trampoline being caught up in high wind – crucial when considering our Great British weather!

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