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The Ultimate Guide to Organising your Child’s Bedroom

With the summer holidays over and the kids back in school, now is the best time to enter into the depths of their bedroom and have a good old clean and return some semblance of order.

kid tidying

With no apparent start or end to the mess, organising a child’s bedroom can seem a daunting task but these helpful tips will help you sort through the mess like the intrepid explorer you are.


Let the kids know 24 hours beforehand that you are planning on having an epic clear out, giving them the chance to remove anything they don’t want you to see (and you don’t want to see) before you brave their room.

This also helps protect any breach of trust they may feel. Make sure you help them understand that you’re doing it for their benefit to avoid tantrums and groans of “but muuuuum I like it messy”.

Be Ruthless

Cleaning out your child’s room with them in tow will end up with them playing with toys they haven’t touched in 5 years and then professing their undying love for the toys, begging you not to throw them away.

Be ruthless in your clearing – if you know toys haven’t been played with for more than a year, on eBay they go.

Clearing away the clutter can make it simpler to complete the next step – organisation.


organise kids room

Create a System

Over the years, your child may have developed an ad-hoc, complicated system known as ‘everything gets shoved to the back of the wardrobe’.

Using these functional and attractive pieces of Kids Room Furnishings from All Round Fun, you can create a system which can be understood by all.

Toys, games, clothes, crafts and homework pieces can all be organised efficiently and effectively.

Your child might even thank you for it (but don’t hold your breath).

Reward Long-Term Organisation

After plunging into the darkness of your child’s room and returning victorious with a clean, organised bedroom behind you, the last thing you’ll want if for the room to return to its unkempt appearance.

Preserve and protect your good work by offering an incentive for the child.

An All Round Fun Games Table for their bedroom if they keep it clean for two months makes a fantastic reward for good behaviour.


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