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The Health Benefits of Trampolines for All Ages

Trampolining is one of those elegant methods of exercise wherein you don’t even realise you are getting a full body and mind work out.

Unlike painstaking runs or torturous gym sessions, designed only for fitness fanatics; the fantastic health benefits of trampolining almost sneak up on you whilst you bounce and tone.

What Benefits?

For a form of exercise where you seem to be the passenger more than the active party, a huge range of organs and body parts are given a great work out. The benefits of using an All Round Fun trampoline include:

–       Stimulates your metabolism

–       Increases oxygen capacity

–       Improves your sense of balance

–       Increases oxygen circulation to tissues

–       Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands

–       Strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health)

–       Increases energy and sense of vitality

–       Firms and tones the muscles

Metabolism stimulation is a vital part of weight loss and weight control as it helps turn your calorific intake into energy.

These means that the calories you ingest are effectively used rather than being turned into fat.

Increased oxygen capacity can help improve your stamina, ensuring that you can stay active for longer without losing breath or experiencing any negative effects.

The increased circulation of oxygen to the tissues can help keep cells healthy, even in the extremities.

This goes hand-in-hand with the strengthened heart as the oxygen travels around the body in the blood pumped out by the heart.

An improved sense of balance can increase your sporting ability and general mobility, and the increased vitality comes from the release of endorphins.

Alongside the medical benefits, there are also aesthetic boons to be enjoyed such as firmed and toned muscles.

A washboard stomach may be more attainable than you previously thought.

Is Trampolining Better than Jogging?

For the millions of people around the world trying to get fit and healthy, jogging is often the exercise of choice.

The simplicity of going for a jog around the block has made it the industry standard. But strained faces and agonising stitches suggest that the majority of joggers are finding no pleasure in their pursuit of health and fitness.

The mantra ‘you’ve got to suffer to be beautiful’ is thrown around to justify putting yourself through hell to attain the desired level of fitness.

However, there are many ways in which trampolining is more beneficial for the health conscious than jogging, not just more enjoyable.

The biggest advantage of trampolining over jogging is the reduced stress placed on lower limbs and feet.

The G forces operating during a morning jog can quadruple a jogger’s weight factor. This means that a 12 stone person will be exerting as much as 48 stones of downward pressure on weight-bearing joints.

This is reduced by as much as 80% during trampolining, making it a far more beneficial form of exercise for individuals concerned about their joints.

Trampolining is effectively used by seniors, and those recovering from accidents and injuries to keep fit and active without the adverse effects of jogging.

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