The Advantages of Plum In-Ground Trampolines


In-ground trampolines have been specifically designed by Plum to sink into the ground and they have a modest design unlike the above ground trampolines, making them a great option if you want unspoiled garden presentation. In-ground trampolines are becoming an increasingly popular model, they are easy to install and have many benefits.

The design is engineered to last; in-ground trampolines are fully flush into the ground however above ground trampolines can suffer damage on the standing legs and frame, by eliminating this you are much less likely to have any problems with parts breaking or becoming faulty. With less material being exposed to the elements, this model is easy to maintain and can be covered up when not in use. This also prevents the appearance of rust and protects the trampoline from any water damage. Normally you would have to clean away any debris that would usually gather underneath an above ground model, however the in-ground is sheltered so this is not necessary. If you live in an area that can experience high winds and bad weather, an in-ground trampoline would be perfectly safe and it removes any risk of blowing over into the garden like an above ground trampoline could do.

Before you purchase an in-ground trampoline it is important to consider the size so that it fits comfortably in the garden with enough of a surrounding area for safety. The Plum In-Ground trampolines are a circular shape which causes you to bounce towards the centre, which provides added protection for the user. It is also more straightforward to dig a circular hole rather than any other shape, and it is a popular opinion that this shape has a favourable appearance in any garden.

Safety is a key element in all Plum manufactured products. The in-ground trampolines do not require a safety enclosure and generally speaking there is less of a distance to fall from unlike an above ground model, plus they are much easier to mount and dismount.

To install an in-ground trampoline, firstly you will need to mark out an area in the garden where you wish to put it; you can draw around the trampoline to make it easier for the next step.

Next you will need to dig out the marked turf area and also ensure that you have a good drainage system because water can cause rust and damage if it is not drained away properly. You will also need to leave some room for ventilation so that the bounce action is not affected. Once you have dug the circular hole you can put together the in-ground trampoline inside it!

You can purchase a Plum In-Ground trampoline here at All Round Fun. They come in sizes 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft. Each trampoline comes with a weather-proof cover and free next working day delivery in the UK.

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