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Ten Ways to Make the Most of the Summer Holidays

Rather than let the summer pass in a blur of BBQs planned at the last minute and accidently letting bees into the house, make the most of the time with the family. Here are just ten ways in which you could make this summer one to remember.

Country Bike Ride

Cycling is enjoying a renaissance in the UK with the continued success of the likes of Chris Hoy, Bradley Wiggins, Victoria Pendleton and the rest of the GB cycling team.

Find a cycle route near you and take the family on a healthy and fun ride. Pack a picnic and choose a route best suited to your family’s cycling skills and fitness.

At All Round Fun, we stock a great selection of bikes for the whole family, helping you get out and on the cycle routes this summer.

Adopt a Dog

If you have been thinking about adopting a family dog, the summer holidays may be the best time to do so.

A new dog will require significant training in the early stages, so the free time the family may have during the summer holidays would provide the platform.

Additionally the family can be trained whilst the weather is pleasant, everyone will be more inclined to get into the routine of walking the dog regularly.

cute puppyThe RSPCA website lists animals who require homing. But remember, a dog is for more than just the summer.

Run for Charity

Training for and participating in a charity run can provide great exercise and much need support for the needy. You can choose to collect for a charity of your choice or as part of a wider appeal.

Run for Charity has a comprehensive list of upcoming runs in your local area. For the fitter amongst you, long distance runs and marathons may be an option, but families even with younger kids can partake in fun runs and short distance runs.

Turn the Back Garden into a Board Game

Whether you are basing it on an existing family favourite or inventing a completely new game; the back garden can be turned into a large fun board game where the players become the pieces.

Spray paint can be used to mark the board and a giant dice can be put together quite easily. Once the grass grows a little, the markings can be quickly and easily mowed away.

Pimp your Shed

If your shed is looking a little forgotten in the corner of the garden, it may be the perfect time to give it a little facelift. From outdoor Man Cave to Tiki Bar, the shed can be given a new lease of life in a hundred and one different ways.


Build an Obstacle Course

If you’re struggling to think of ways to get the kids out of the house and active this summer, a back garden obstacle course could be the ideal solution. Combine all of your kids’ favourite activities into one fun course.

From jumping through hoops to climbing the rope, the course can be made as simple or intense as you and the kids want. Add a competitive edge by timing their laps and set them time challenges.

Tackle Local Nature Trails

The UK is packed full of interesting, beautiful nature trails just waiting for you to enjoy.

Fill your lungs with fresh air and enjoy the incredible scenery the countryside has to offer. Net Mums has suggestions for a host of activities to enjoy during the nature trail including introducing kids to new wildlife.

Take up a New Sport

Your sporting prowess needn’t be limited to just football and holiday bar pool.

Sports such as Ultimate Frisbee are enjoying increased attention in the UK. Many areas have local clubs for a wide array of weird and wonderful sports you can join for free and increase your fitness and meet new people.

Go Camping

car campingThe warmer weather that summer (sometimes) brings with it, make it the perfect time to venture into the countryside overnight.

All Round Fun stocks wide ranging camping equipment, perfect for first time camper and experience woodsmen alike, providing a comfortable night or weekend under the stars.

Swim a Few Lengths

Swimming.org has a comprehensive list of local swimming pools, helping you find somewhere to take a plunge and complete a few lengths.

Swimming is a fantastic form of exercise for family members of all ages and offers a great bonding experience. Ideal for when (if) the summer heat starts to get to you.

For more fun summer activity ideas, visit our special Outdoor Fun page or call our dedicated customer service team on 0800 043 0437.

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