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Spooky Play Inspiration for Halloween

Happy brother and two sisters on Halloween party

The spookiest time of the year is upon us and however you are celebrating Halloween with the kids this year, here are a few games the whole family can get involved with.

Mummy Wrap

Divide everyone into teams of two and give each team a roll of toilet paper. On the signal to go, one member of team must wrap the other like a mummy. Without covering the mummy’s face, the first team to have a completely mummified mummy from chin to toe is the winner. Instigate a rematch with a round of ‘mummy unwrap’ challenging the teams to unwrap their mummy in the quickest time.

Creepy Piñata

A favourite in Mexican celebrations, piñatas can be customised for Halloween. Make your own Bat Piñata with this simple guide and fill with Halloween sweets. Blindfold the kids and challenge them to bash the piñata with a stick until the sweets come loose. Make sure you clear the area of any breakables before handing the bashing stick over to the kids.

Gross Guessing Games

An absolute classic of haunted walkthroughs, these simple gross guessing games will get the kids’ imaginations running wild. Fill separate bowls with jelly, warm porridge, peeled grapes and cold spaghetti. Blindfold the kids and implore them to feel the contents of the bowls whilst you tell them horror stories of the guts, eyeballs and other body parts they are touching.

Pumpkin Bowling

A Halloween twist on garden bowls with seasonal veg. Arrange 10 butternut squashes in a triangle formation and challenge the whole family to knock them over by rolling a pumpkin towards them from a set distance. The unique contours of pumpkins will stop them rolling straight, creating hilarious results as frustrated players endure uneven rolls which bobble away from the butternut squashes.

Build a Guy

The unseasonably warm October gives you and the kids a chance to take the Halloween play outdoors. Split everyone into two teams and set everyone to task to build the scariest Guy in preparation for bonfire night in less than a week. Take a chest full of clothes and scary accessories out into the garden for the family to choose from when dressing their guy. Give each member of the winning team a penny for their guy (or a pound if you’re taking inflation into account).

Halloween Graveyard Hunt

Decorate your back garden in the style of a spooky graveyard with numerous scary grave plots with adjoining tombstones. Use mounds of mud to resemble freshly dug graves and hide well-sealed treats within. Tombstones can be made using polystyrene, painted to resemble aging stone and add funny names for the deceased (Anita Bath, etc.). Challenge the kids to find the treats in the mounds. Plant a few tricks amongst the treats as well as including fake dismembered hands and fake eyeballs.

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