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Six Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer


With just a couple of weeks until the clocks spring forward and the evenings start to get longer and lighter, it is the perfect time to starting planning and prepping your garden for summer activities.

From lazy summer barbecues with the extended family to fun games with the kids, here are seven tips to get your garden summer-ready – so you won’t have to waste any of the summer sun (when it turns up).

1. De-Weed as a Family

A spare day one weekend provides the perfect opportunity to get the back garden cleaned, de-weeded and organised – especially if it hasn’t been touched since the weather took a turn for the worse at the back end of last year and now resembles a jungle. Get the whole family together to undertake the de-weeding and cleaning tasks – helping complete the job in a quicker and more efficient manner, with everyone contributing towards the perfect summer garden.

2. Go Solar

In anticipation of those balmy summer evenings when the party continues in the back garden far after the sun goes down – solar lights can help increase visibility in an environmentally-friendly manner. Using solar power can also cut energy consumption costs (if the sun makes an appearance). Additionally, solar-powered heaters can be bought for those evening gardens parties when the weather isn’t quite so balmy.

3. Create a Kids’ Area

If your garden can support separated areas, building a play area for kids can help protect your new garden furniture from flying balls and protect the kids from boring adult talk – keeping everyone happy. The All Round Fun Climbing Frame range includes a selection of products which can form the core of a fun back garden kids’ area.

4. Get Creative with the Cooking

Whilst lighting up the barbecue for the first time in summer is something of an annual rite of passage, keep things interesting with a range of culinary treats in the back garden. This guide to building a back garden pizza oven can offer an extra dimension to dinner time in the back garden, allowing you to create authentic Neapolitan pizzas with the toppings of your choice.

5. Install a Rain Contingency

We all know the great British summer is liable to break at any minute and rain can flood any outdoor event. Provide a contingency in case the worst comes to pass, and rain begins to descend. If you are planning a large-scale party in the back garden and want to add insurance against the rain, it is possible to rent a marquee from local providers.

Alternatively, a more permanent fixture from the All Round Fun Summer House range provides the perfect place to enjoy the warmer weather night after night without fear of the rain.

6. Order the Summer Flowering Bulbs

Add a touch of colour and beauty to proceedings by planting bulbs which will come into bloom just as the summer ascends. This guide from the BBC offers a detailed explanation about selecting, planting and nurturing summer bulbs.


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Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Denise P.S


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