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Seven Unusual and Unique Snow Games

With the snow really starting to fall and forecasts of heavier spells on the horizon, it’s high time you got the family’s woolly hats from under the stairs and take to the back garden or park for a little snowy fun.

Child Playing in the Snow. Sourced via Flickr Creative Commons, credit: Brian K YYZ

When you have exhausted the traditional games such as building snowmen and having snowball fights, here are seven more unusual games you can play in the snow.

Tic Tac Snow

A wintery twist on the sketch book favourite, Tic Tac Snow follows the same rules as Noughts and Crosses’. Sketch a 3×3 grid into the snow and task the kids to go find twigs, pinecones and other natural winter debris. The kids can use these artefacts as pieces rather than drawing noughts and crosses into the boxes,

Cold Weather Kitchen

Make ice cakes, muffins and waffles with pots, pans and baking trays from the kitchen. Simply use the kitchen items to mould the ice into delicious-looking shapes and present them in a fun arctic buffet.

Build a Swiss Chalet

Turn the children’s playhouse into a picturesque Alpine retreat in the snow. Add laminated paper features such as snowflakes, pinwheels and a wreath to turn the summer playhouse into a wintery retreat. See the All Round Fun Playhouses and Play Tents selection for inspiration.

Action Battleships

Split into two teams and build a series of small ships out of snow about 20 yards apart. Then, standing behind your own fleet of ships, take it in turn to try and destroy the other team’s ships by throwing a tennis ball.

Ice Globes

Create ice globes of all sizes when the temperature falls below freezing. Take a bubble blower outside and carefully blow bubbles, which will freeze upon contact with the cold air. Have a competition to see who can blow the biggest bubble before it freezes/bursts.

Make a Festive Bird Feed

Some of our feathered friends are more prone to making appearances when the weather is cold. Treat winter birds such as Robins to a little food with a home-made bird feed. Cut an orange in half and then hollow out before filling with seeds. Place the feed atop the snow and bird tracks will tell you how popular the seeds have been.


Thick, soft snow is great for safely jumping around in – providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few Olympic jumping disciplines.

High Jump: Build a small mound which each player takes turns to leap over. When everyone completes this task, increase the size of the mound, and repeat.

Long Jump: Simply draw a line in the snow where the kids have to jump from. Let them have a little run up and see who can jump the furthest. The snow provides a natural measurement for the jumps.

Hurdles: Better suited to a larger space such as a park, outline a small running track in the snow and build mounds of snow to act as hurdles. Then get everyone to race through the track – even if you can’t leap the hurdles, you can kick your way through.

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