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Seven Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate National Children’s Day


To celebrate the upcoming National Children’s Day on Sunday 17 May, we’ve put together seven of our favourite quotes about playing and the importance of letting children express themselves through playtime.

From philosophers to authors, some of the world’s greatest minds believe that play benefits children immeasurably – aiding development, growth and maturity.

Play keeps us vital and alive

Lucia Capocchione is a best-selling author and therapist, known for her innovative methods and creative approach to inner peace and fulfilment. Capocchione has developed a reputation for working with all ages including children.

Work consists of whatever a body is

Mark Twain has long been a favourite author of children all around the world with his books following the adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer capturing the imagination of kids for more than 130 years.

Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein is generally considered one of history’s most important and influential thinkers. His unique way of thinking has ensured his legacy lives on – and remains one of the first scientists that children are introduced to.

Necessity may be the mother of

Roger von Oech is a skilled toymaker and speaker whose focus has been the study of creativity. Many of his toys are based on mathematical learning and development.

Play is often talked about as if it were

Fred Rogers was one of the United States’ driving forces behind children’s TV – becoming known as a figure of compassion, patience and morality, and a true role model for young kids.

We don't stop playing because we grow

The diversely-talented George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and the co-founder of the London School of Economics. A stern believer in equal rights, Shaw endeavoured to create a world where everyone had a voice.

Play is the beginning of knowledge

George Dorsey was a hugely influential anthropologist, specialising in the study of Native American people.


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