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Seven Fun Trampoline Play Ideas

It is possible to add an extra dimension to the fun which can be had on a back-garden trampoline with simple but exciting games. Here we list seven of our favourite games which can keep the whole family bouncing and having fun.

Trampoline play ideas

1. Bouncing Bullseye

A great game for all ages which can help improve the hand-eye coordination and aim of the younger members of the family, Bouncing Bullseye combines exercise and accurate throwing. Simply draw a target or series of targets on the ground close to the trampoline and task the family with throwing sponges at the target whilst bouncing. Points can be awarded depending how small or far away the targets are.

2. Bubble Bounce

Either using a handheld bubble blower or a bubble machine, blow a series of soapy bubbles over the heads of the bouncers. Task the bouncers with popping all the bubbles mid-flight before they float away. Take away points for every bubble they miss.

3. The Live Canvas

The bouncy surface of a trampoline can also serve as a canvas for younger members of the family to practice their artistic skills upon. Washable chalks will not damage the surface of the trampoline, so kids can customise their trampoline with funky designs. Just make sure you use a trampoline cover when it rains, otherwise the masterpieces might just wash away.

4. Moving Targets

A game for 2-8 players. On a warm, sunny day, position your trampoline in the middle of the garden and equip the bouncer with a bucket of filled water balloons. The bouncer must throw the water balloons at the other players who are allowed to run around the trampoline, and hide and dodge the balloons.

5. Follow the Leader

A bouncing version of the popular age-old children’s game. A leader is appointed and tasked with performing specific actions and moves whilst bouncing, and the followers must replicate these moves. Make the game harder by getting the leader to complete three different bouncing actions before the follower gets to replicate.

6. Crack the Egg

Only suitable on larger trampolines, this is a game for 2-4 players. One player is the egg and must roll into a ball into the centre of the trampoline, tucking their legs up and wrapping their arms around them. The other players must bounce on the trampoline around the egg to disrupts its peace and break its shell. Its shell is broken when the egg loses shape and releases their legs.

7. Poison Ball

A great game for a single player, Poison Ball only requires a football, tennis ball or any sized ball to play. Place the ball on the trampoline and start to bounce alongside it. As you start to get a momentum, the ball will bounce too – now the ball has become poisonous. Avoid contacting the ball as it seems to chase you around the trampoline. If it touches you, you have become infected!

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