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New Year, New Spa

Now Christmas is over, people are looking at cleaning and kitting up their either brand new or old spa. So you have got the spa, now you need the accessories to make your spa the best. Here at All Round Fun, our broad range of accessories across several brands gives you the best options in terms of quality, price and style. Ranging from the essentials, such as filters, to the stylish luxuries, such as drinks holders for all those margaritas you can enjoy!

Mspa Tuscany

Whether you are simply looking for those essential maintenance products to keep your spa in tip-top shape, or if you want to relax in style and add some luxury extra features to maximise your comfort and impress friends – we can promise you will find something to take your interest here at All Round Fun!


So let’s start with those maintenance essentials. Filters are possibly the most important extra that should be a requirement that is regularly replaced. The filters collect soil, grit and other blocking-substances; ultimately, filters prevent the blockage of water flow going through your spa pump, therefore keeping your water hygienic. If your filters are not replaced, blockages can occur – putting strain on your pump’s motor, eventually leading to mechanical breakdown. It is recommended that you replace your filters once every two weeks, but if you are a regular user, you may want to do this weekly. We offer filters for Bestway Lay-Z-Spa, Intex and Mspa hot tubs.

Bestway Flowclear Filters Cartridge: http://bit.ly/2jLIstF

Mspa Filter Cartridge 120 Pleats Twin Pack: http://bit.ly/2jDKuIe

Intex PureSpa Filter Cartridge Twin Pack: http://bit.ly/2jeWTWf


Bestway Filters     Mspa FiltersdIntex Filters


Also, in terms of keeping your water clean, is the concern of chemicals. This is not too complicated, so do not worry if you aren’t a scientist! We offer a package – the All Round Fun Spa Starter Kit – which is suitable for all hot tubs, and comes with simple instructions to use so you can get the most out of your hot tub and extend its lifespan. This, along with the filters, is definitely amongst the essentials, as it not only keeps your spa in good quality, it saves your water bill so you are not constantly emptying and refilling your spa!

All Round Fun Spa Starter Kit: http://bit.ly/2jgIhDB

ARF Spa Starter kit

There are other ways in which you can help extend your spa’s lifetime which can be seen as a good investment. We offer 4 different cleaning kits/tools which are specifically designed for your hot tub: the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa All in One Tool Set, the Intex Purespa Maintenance Kit, and the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Aqua Scan Electric Pool Vacuum. Whilst all 3 are suitable for any spa, you can choose which you prefer! Between the two maintenance kits, there is a brush with handle, and a net – with the only difference between the kits being the sponge; Intex’s has a handle, Bestway’s comes in glove-form. The Bestway Aqua Scan Electric Pool Vacuum and the Intex Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum are cordless, battery-powered vacuums that can be used to reach those particularly awkward spots. Equipped with an easily-removed, integrated debris-collection bag, your cleaning experience could not be easier!

Bestway All in One Tool Sethttp://bit.ly/2d0YEES

Intex PureSpa Maintenance Kit: http://bit.ly/2iDN2IY

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Aqua Scan Electric Pool Vacuum: http://bit.ly/1MMCO41

Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum: http://bit.ly/2iysTAH

Bestway Maintenance kitIntex maintenance kit Bestway Aqua ScanIntex Vacuum


With the new year having just come in, I am sure plenty of you would be interested in making your spa better than last years, but at a more affordable price than buying a new hot tub! Our range of comforting accessories include the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Drinks Holder which slots nicely onto the side of any Bestway spa (except the Monaco) meaning you can enjoy a few nice drinks whilst relaxing in the hot tub. Intex also do a similar drinks holder, which is more suited to the Intex spas.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Drinks Holder: http://bit.ly/2cNlPiM

Intex PureSpa Cup Holder: http://bit.ly/2jBJNAi

Bestway Drink holdersIntex cup holder

Bestway also exhibit the Lay-Z-Spa pillows, which come as a pair, that also slot onto the side of your hot tub giving your head the comforting support and maximise your pleasure whilst the bubbles massage away! Intex offer something slightly differently designed – the Intex PureSpa Head Rest, which again is more suited to the Intex hot tubs, but gives you that all extra comfort.

Intex PureSpa Head Rest: http://bit.ly/2jBJNAi

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Pillowshttp://bit.ly/2itWVKJ

Intex headrestBestway Pillows

Also available is the Intex Purespa Seat, which gives you something to perch on (particularly handy if you are short and can’t sit on the floor) which provides an alternative to sitting on the insulated floors of the hot tubs. If you’re looking for saving money, the Mspa comfort set comes with 2 pillows and a cup-holder capable of holding 2 cups, ideal for those looking to buy cup-holders and pillows!

Intex PureSpa Seat: http://bit.ly/2jrnHCQ

Mspa Comfort Set: http://bit.ly/2j0TDL5

Intex SeatMspa comfort set

If you feel like you’re missing out on the amazing LED lights offered by the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Paris, then you’re in luck with the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa LED Floating Light. Producing spectacular colours that coat the base of your spa, the LED Floating Light is a bargain to add that extra character to your hot tub – bringing it to life!

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa LED Floating Light: http://bit.ly/2cYym3x

LED floating light

Cold air and gusty winds are likely to be blowing about this winter, but even so, who says you cannot enjoy your spa? Ok, maybe braving it in just the spa itself may be slightly crazy, but we have a solution – The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Dome. The Dome is ideal for shelter from that cold breeze and the rain, but also from harmful UV rays in the summer which can cause your spa liner to deform. It is also capable of accommodating any of the hot tubs we offer, as well as some pools! Mspa offer a similar product, the Mspa Canopy, which is designed to fit all of the Mspa hot tubs; it just simply clips onto the side! Although perhaps not as large as the Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Dome, the Mspa Canopy is a practical size and still does the job.

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Dome: http://bit.ly/1QXtPMY

Mspa Canopy: http://bit.ly/2j0HiXs

Bestway Lay Z Spa DomerMspa Canopy

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