MSPA Alpine Delight Bubble Spa Review

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MSPA have once again propelled hot tub innovation forward with their all-new and improved Alpine Delight Bubble Spa. With a host of innovative features including a bias air chamber for reinforced stability, 108 effervescent air jets and a new wired remote control, the Alpine Delight hits all the hot tub spec heights.

But if you’re just dipping your toe into the spa market for the first time, you might not know what constitutes a ‘good’ hot tub. With this in mind, we’ll firstly take a look at buying considerations, before delving into the Alpine Delight’s cutting-edge features. The final section will cover the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub, for those of you not already convinced!

Buying considerations

Simple assembly

The assembly procedure is often overlooked by buyers, but it’s an extremely important aspect of spa installation as some models can be particularly arduous to set up. The Alpine Delight, however, features one button self-inflation, allowing you to erect your spa in a matter of seconds.

User capacity

Determine how many people will regularly use the spa, then add 1 for a little extra space and comfort. So, if you expect 3 people to use the spa regularly, opt for a 4-person spa.

Air jets

Air jets boost the spa’s air circulation, producing a pumping action that optimises the tub’s massage feature. Generally, the more air jets there are, the more effective the massage. Featuring an astonishing 108 effervescent jets, the Alpine Delight provides a consistent, luxurious massage experience that’ll leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after every soak.


Another often overlooked factor – many hot tubs are surprisingly uncomfortable. The Alpine Delight, however, features cleverly positioned air jets on the spa’s base, which work synergistically to provide a weightless sensation that relieves tired joints and muscles. What’s more, its patented square shape and I-beam construction establish a secure structure that also maximises user comfort.


A crucial consideration for all spa customers; we know that price often takes precedent. Lower priced spas are often subject to quicker wear, while premium options are often out of reach for most budgets. Priced at just £339.95 (12% lower than RRP), the Alpine Delight offers a wealth of premium features at a mid-range price point. Perfect.

Now we’ve considered some hot tub buying essentials, let’s take a look at what elevates the Alpine Delight above the competition.

Capacity & airjets

Accommodating up to four adult users, the Alpine’s 42ᵒC water temperature and 108 air jets combine to provide a comforting, therapeutic aqua massage that everyone will enjoy. Moreover, the air jets’ intelligent positioning at the tub’s base provides a weightless sensation that eases joint and muscle tension – ideal after a hard day’s work!

Delight control system

Infographic highlighting the hot tub's features.

The brand-new, innovative control system gives you full control over the spa’s functions wherever you are in the tub. Whether you want to inflate the spa, change the temperature or activate the massage system, the innovative Delight controller handles these jobs with ease. Just push the button!

Shape & material

The spa’s patented square shape crafted from MSPA’s famous 6-layer Rhino-Tech PVC liner guarantees a long spa lifespan and value for money, while its I-beam construction provides both and strength and durability, ensuring your hot tub is both structurally sound and comfortable.

Eco conscious

As well as its therapeutic benefits, the Alpine includes some handy features that’ll help protect the environment – and your bank balance. The eco smart timer, for instance, regulates water temperature, while the one-click self-inflation setting makes erecting the spa completely hassle free. It even includes an intelligent alarm system that reminds you when to clean or change your filters! And for those looking to extend the spa’s green credentials, check out our optional insulation pack, which is specially designed to further insulate your spa, while keeping electricity costs low.

Lid & inflatable bladder

In terms of safety, the spa features an adjustable buckle that enables the top lid to be connected to the ground mat, optimising heat preservation when in use, and maximising safety when its not.

Features at a glance

  • 108 air jets provide therapeutic massages
  • Heats up to 42°C (2.25°C per hour)
  • Delight wired controller puts you in control
  • I-beam construction ensures strength and durability
  • 6-layer, reinforced Rhino-Tech liner improves spa lifespan
  • Buckle-lock lid insulates heat and protects your spa against the elements
  • One button self-inflation enables rapid set-up times
  • Energy-saving smart timer regulates water temperature
  • Built-in alarm system reminds you when spa filters need changing
  • Included in the box: filter cartridge pack of 1, garden hose adapter, wrench, instructions & DVD.


  • Inflated size: 1.58m x 1.58m x 0.68m
  • Capacity: Up to 4 adults (children’s capacity is down to parental/guardian discretion)
  • Water capacity: 650L
  • Control system: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Heater: 1500W/2.04HP
  • Massage air blower system: 600W/0.8HP
  • Filter: 12V/35W

Hot tub health benefits

Young woman enjoying the health benefits of her hot tub.

The MSPA’s new cutting-edge features combine to provide a number of health-boosting benefits, from stress relief to weight loss. See below for more detail. 


Prolonged stress can result in physical maladies such as, headaches, muscle tension, fatigue and soreness. Hot tub use, however, can relieve help relieve these symptoms through a combination of buoyancy, heat and massage.

Improved sleep

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 30 million Brits suffer from mild to chronic insomnia, as well as many other sleep disorders. Study findings in the journal ‘Sleep’ indicate that a hot tub soak prior to bedtime not only aids sleep but improves its quality as the body cools.

Weight loss

Those looking to beat the Christmas bulge will delight in the fact that a recent study revealed that warm water immersion can speed up metabolic processes, or in other words, help you to lose weight!

Lowers blood pressure

A recent Mayo Clinic study signed off by recommending that heart disease patients may benefit from soaking in a hot tub, with soaks as short as 15 minutes proven to lower blood pressure.

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