Make Sure Your Trampoline is Summer-Ready this Spring

9602391407_f5e21bc063_zTrampolines have become a staple in British back gardens, with millions of youngsters enjoying a good old bounce when our unreliable weather permits it. But like most things stored in the garden during a long, wet winter, trampolines require regular maintenance.  To prevent your kids coming a cropper on their beloved trampoline, here are a few pre-bounce checks to make sure your trampoline is summer-ready this spring.

Is your padding perfectly plump?

To protect your nippers from taking a nasty tumble, the outer frame and springs of your trampoline are covered in a thick layer of fall-proof padding. Before the bounce season begins, double-check this padding is in good condition, with no tears, holes or areas sparse on protective stuffing. If there are any defects, you’ll need to replace your trampoline’s spring and frame cover.

Patch-up the net

If your kids have been using the trampoline as a mock cage-fighting arena, chances are there’ll be a hole or two in the surrounding netting. To prevent your offspring landing in a neighbour’s hedge the next time they take a bounce, check the netting for holes. However small a hole may appear, it’s important to patch them up to retain the netting’s strength. If the netting is beyond repair, make sure to replace it.

Make sure the mat is sound

All that bouncing can have a detrimental effect on your trampoline’s mat, so you’ll want to give it a once over. Look for obvious tears and holes, as well as more subtle signs of weakness such as discolouration that may indicate the mat is ready to give way. If the mat splits it could cause serious injury, so give it a good check over before you let your kids use the trampoline this spring.

Check the spring holes

As your kids bounce about atop the trampoline, a lot of strain is placed on the holes that attach the mat to the springs. To prevent any mishaps, it’s important to check the integrity of these holes for any signs of damage. If there are any tears or rips on the mat, you’ll need to replace it to ensure it doesn’t come away from the springs.

Get those legs in shape

The structure of your trampoline is dependent on the legs and frame, so be sure to check both for signs of damage. During the winter, rust may have formed on exposed metal, which could impact the strength of your trampoline’s frame. Have a look for cracks, bends and points of weakness; find any, and you may need to buy a new trampoline altogether.

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Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Loren Kerns.

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