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Lantern Trampoline & Enclosure Review

As summer approaches, making the garden a place for fun and enjoyment becomes more of a priority. If you have kids, a trampoline is a great way to keep everyone having active fun – and the EvoStar Lantern Trampoline is a fantastic option. Available in four sizes: 14ft, 12ft, 10ft and 8ft, there’s a size that’s perfect for every garden. With a built-in internal net and concealed springs, the trampoline provides a safe and fun outdoor activity for children of all ages.

  14ft EvoStar Lantern 12ft EvoStar Lantern 10ft EvoStar Lantern 8ft EvoStar Lantern
Size of garden Large Medium Small Small
Max. weight 100kg 100kg 100kg 50kg
Springs 88 x 5.7 inch 72 x 5.7 inch 64 x 5.7 inch 48 x 5.7 inch
Diameter 14ft 12ft 10ft 8ft
evo lantern 12 ft

Key Features

Steel Frame

The powder-coated frame is galvanised for strength but is surprisingly easy to assemble. Upper poles hold up the trampoline enclosure with a slight curve to ensure that kids can’t fall onto the pole.

Internal safety net

Enclosures are a great addition to trampolines as they keep children from falling off the trampoline mid-bounce. An internal safety net is a step up from the standard, ensuring that kids can’t fall onto the trampoline’s springs or hard outer poles.

evostar lantern safety net

Premium jumping mat

The Grade A certified jumping mat provides an excellent level of bounce, and because the trampoline is circular, it’ll always send the jumper back into the middle of the mat – making it easier to bounce safely.

UV treated PVC safety pads

The EvoStar Lantern trampoline safety pads have been specially treated to prevent degradation from UV rays. These safety pads provide a soft landing for kids to ensure that they don’t hurt themselves.


The benefits of trampolines are widely known. Good for fitness and motor skills, trampolines will allow your kids to enjoy their exercise more than ever before. Despite the health benefits, however the most common reason for buying a trampoline is because they’re such good fun! If you’re looking for an addition to your garden that will provide endless hours of entertainment, a trampoline is one of your best bets.

Whilst the most important thing for your kids might be the quality of the bounce, deciding factors for parents are often safety and value for money. An EvoStar trampoline benefits from internal netting and surround cushioning so that jumpers are protected from the springs. The trampoline’s black, galvanised steel frame is easy to assemble and holds up against regular and vigorous bouncing. Its Grade A certified jumping mat is made from heavy duty Permatron polypropylene mesh – and its design ensures that jumpers will always be returned to the centre of the mat.

Although it’s a premium model, the EvoStar Lantern Trampoline is competitively priced and, at well under £200, it’s at the top of its class.

Also, although most trampolines can be clunky to look at and don’t exactly make for aesthetically pleasing garden additions, the EvoStar Lantern trampoline has a streamlined and modern look, aided by its black protective padding, mat and mesh, and its yellow zip opening. Its circular shape is excellent for any shaped garden, and it has a contemporary feel that you won’t mind looking at all summer long. Choose to add accessories like a ladder, shoe holder, and cover for safety and preservation.

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