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It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Whilst 2016 seems to have flown by about as fast as Santa does his rounds at Christmas, we cannot deny that December is everyone’s favourite time of year. Juicy, stuffed turkeys, warm pigs in blankets and Mum’s special roast potatoes… Christmas is the perfect excuse to eat as much food as you can, even if you have to open that extra button on your jeans – don’t worry, we all do it!


With last weekend being the first in December, it is more than likely the kids will be bugging you to get the decorations up, which can sometimes be a rather stressful process. There are a few ways to avoid making the whole process as stressful; in fact they almost make it fun. Firstly, try putting a Christmas movie on in the background; whilst it may distract the kids, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps them out of the way and you can get everything organised! My mum loves the Polar Express, so I have to deal with that every year, but I suppose it keeps her sweet. Alternatively, as we all know, Mr Bublé likes to creep out of his cave every year to sing us our favourite Christmas songs; so why not play some music in the background to add that extra Christmas feeling?


If you are looking for some ideas on how to get the whole family involved in the Christmas spirit, then there are some fantastic feel-good activities for you and the kids to experience.

Are you a sucker for Christmas movies? Why not get some popcorn and hot chocolate, snuggle on the sofa with your little ones in your pyjamas and have a Christmas movie marathon! At this time of the year there are hundreds of movies that flood our screens; you never know you might find a new favourite.


Creating your own decorations not only makes Christmas extra special, but you can be proud to exhibit your own creations on your tree. As a great way to kill time for both you and the kids, buy some plain cheap baubles from a shop, some super glue, and lots of sparkly Christmas-themed little pieces to stick on the baubles and design your own!


One of the main themes around Christmas is the idea of selflessness and giving to others. For some people out there, Christmas is no different to any other day and can be quite a tough time of year for them. Not everyone has the benefit of waking up on Christmas day in a warm bed, with a bacon butty and a pile of presents under their tree. So this year, why not try something different and put together a nice hamper of food and small gifts to make someone’s Christmas extra special!


But no matter what you do this Christmas, ensure that you enjoy it with Family and Friends!


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