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Introducing Winners of the Independent Toy Awards 2016!




Every year, hundreds of independent toy retailers vote for the products that they believe to be of the highest quality and more importantly – the most entertaining. This can range from your standard household names, to fledgling start-ups – offering a great opportunity for all. Not only does this give a fair voting, but also helps to raise awareness of lesser known toys… mainly so your children do not miss out!



Here at All Round Fun, we are proud to announce that we stock 2 of the gold medal-winning products! Firstly, the BERG Champion 14ft Trampoline & Safety Net won gold in the ‘Outdoor’ category. Secondly, we also have the Batman 6V Battery Operated Trike which won gold in the ‘Ride-On’ category.


BERG Champion 14ft Trampoline & Safety Net

As the gold medal-winner of the outdoor category, this trampoline is of the highest quality available to you which is shown through the 13 year warranty on the frame! Safety is certainly taken into account as it comes with extra thick and extra wide protective spring padding. This covers the springs and the frame around the edge, stopping your child’s feet from dropping through, as well as protection from impact.


What makes this trampoline unique is the TwinSpring Gold Springs that facilitate much more of a bounce to your regular trampoline spring, giving your child access to more height when bouncing. The springs are made from galvanised steel with a perfect balance between strength and flexibility for the best experience.



Find it here: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/trampolines/14ft-trampolines/berg-champion-14ft-trampoline—safety-net


Batman 6v Battery Operated Trike

All Round Fun are proud to present the winner of the ‘Ride-On’ category for toys – the Batman 6v Battery Operated Trike. Just looking at this product you can tell your child will adore this trike, particularly if they are a Batman enthusiast!


Flashing lights and guns on the front of the bike will immerse your child into the superhero world of Batman, enhancing their experience and maximising their imaginative world. I think if I was a young child again, this trike would have been my pride and joy, I’d be showing it off to all my friends and basking in their envy.


The trike itself comes with both forward and reverse gears, travelling at a maximum of 3km/h, so you are sure that the ride will not be too intense for your child. The 6v battery gives your child around 60-90 minutes of play time, whilst taking around 8-10 hours for a full charge.

Find it here: https://www.allroundfun.co.uk/electric-ride-on-toys/electric-trikes/batman-6v-battery-operated-trike




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