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Inflatable Hot Tub Review – Lay Z Spa St Moritz

If you are looking for an honest Inflatable Hot Tub review on the Lay Z Spa St Moritz, then you have come to the right place! Whether it’s the size, the rattan pattern, or the numerous 140 Airjets that catches your eye, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz is arguably the best Airjet Inflatable Hot Tub on the market.


As one of the largest Inflatable Hot Tubs, Lay Z Spa have designed the St Moritz as the bigger and better version of the Lay Z Spa Palm Springs. Measuring at 216cm in diameter and 71cm in height, it extends 15cm wider and 2cm higher than the Lay Z Spa Monaco, however due to thicker sidewalls, the St Moritz doesn’t have as much water capacity sitting at 1190L. This can be seen as a benefit, as many find the dropstitch material of the Lay Z Spa Monaco not as comfy as the Tri-Tech material of other models. Whether you share it as a couple, with friends for parties, or even on your own, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz has enough space to cater for every occasion.


Similar to previous models, combining Tri-tech material and I-beam construction has established another strong and sturdy Inflatable Hot Tub from Lay Z Spa. Tri-tech material is one of the strongest materials on the market for Inflatable Hot Tubs – consisting of a polyester mesh with a layer of reinforced PVC on either side, Lay Z Spa have produced a durable, yet comfortable material.


Uniquely, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz Inflatable Hot Tub is sporting the Rattan-style liner which has been adapted from some of Bestway’s popular Pool designs. The wicker-like effect is an attractive twist from the standard Lay Z Spa liner and is a one-of-a-kind when it comes to Inflatable Hot Tubs.


Boasting 140 Airjets, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz has the most Airjets over any of its competitors amongst the Lay Z Spa Hot Tub range. Creating that weightlessness sensation, the Airjets help relax your joints by removing the pressure from them, as well as lowering you blood pressure which gives your body and overall soothing feeling. For more info on the benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs, click here.


Sporting the same pump system as other Lay Z Spa Airjet models, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz heats your water up to a luscious 40ᵒC – optimum temperature to relax and soothe your muscles! The energy-saving timer allows you to keep your Inflatable Hot Tub at a temperature you wish throughout the day. Once that temperature has been reached, your pump turns itself off, then back on when the temperature drops too much – saving you money on energy usage costs! The only downside to the pump is the ‘rapid heating system’ which still operates around 1.5-2.0ᵒC per hour, now depending what temperature your water is when filling, you could be waiting a long time!


Unfortunately, as per all Inflatable Hot Tubs, you can’t leave your pump unit outside in temperatures below 4ᵒC when they aren’t heating, as the water can freeze inside the pump, expand, and damage the internal parts. As with the other Lay Z Spa pumps, it is not waterproof – only splash-proof, so you will also have to keep it covered in torrential rain.


In conclusion to our Lay Z Spa Saint Moritz review, it has the most Airjets for Inflatable Hot Tubs of similar size, it has a rigid and reliable structure, and it looks AMAZING! The only downside is the slow heating time due to the large water capacity, but this can easily be overcome by filling your Hot Tub with warm water and use of the energy-saving time saver!


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