How To Maintain Healthy Spa Water

Whether you use your hot tub regularly or only on special occasions, it’s important to ensure that the water inside the hot tub is clean and sanitary.  Because hot tub water is warm, it has a constantly changing pH system, and if incorrectly maintained, it could be a breeding ground for bacteria. This means that it is important to constantly maintain the water in your hot tub. Most hot tubs will need a top up of chlorine daily, so be sure to follow a weekly cleaning regime.

Learning the difference between daily maintenance and one off ‘shock doses’ will help you to understand how to achieve healthy spa water. This blog post covers both – allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your tub.

How to sanitise the spa water

You can sanitise the water in your spa by using adding chlorine or bromine granules at the correct concentration. Using chlorine or bromine granules is an essential step to make sure that the water is ready for bathers, but you can add too much and end up with too high a concentration, so make sure the chemical level in your hot tub is safe before you use it.

A new hot tub or one that’s been left empty for a long time should also be sanitised before use, but in these cases it’s sometimes best to have it commissioned by a professional to make sure you’re getting a good start.

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What is a shock dose?

A shock dose refers to adding 5-10 times more than the recommended amount of chemicals into your hot tub in order to break down organic waste and contamination. A shock dose re-establishes a positive sanitary standard and helps to keep the water within crystal clear.

You can choose to shock your Lay-Z spa when you first fill it up, at the first sign of algae or slime, after periods of heavy usage, and after a loss of water quality.

How should I shock the spa?

Shocking the spa is a multi-step process but the results make it worth the effort. To give your spa a shock dose of chemicals, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the spa is filled with the correct amount of water
  2. Turn on the water filtration system, ensuring the massage system is turned off
  3. Two types of shock dose: Commissioning Chlorine Shock Dose – the shock dose you add to your spa when you first add water. Normal Chlorine Shock Dose – the shock dose you add to your spa when it has already previously had a CCSD
  4. Check the water capacity of the hot tub so you know how much chlorine to add
  5. Add it, and then wait 24 hours to test the chlorine level. When the level is 5ppm or less, it is safe to bathe
  6. Wash your hands properly after handling the chlorine

Other hot tub water maintenance tips

As well as making sure to use the right chemicals, sanitising your spa at the right times, and occasionally giving it a shock dose of chemicals, there are a range of other hot tub maintenance tips, including:

  • Circulate the water in your hot tub regularly to help keep it free of contaminants
  • Scrub your hot tub weekly using the mild non-abrasive scrubbing mitt in our hot tub cleaning kit, or by using a sponge
  • Clean the hot tub filters regularly to ensure that your hot tub performs at the optimal level. It’s vital to rinse your hot tub filter regularly with warm water, use a suitable filter cleaner, and soak the filters in a cleaner during a thorough clean, to prolong the longevity of your hot tub
  • Clean and air out your hot tub cover. The hot tub cover requires periodic cleaning too. If your cover is never taken off your hot tub, to be cleaned and then dried with a soft absorbent towel, or chamois cloth, your hot tub may not last as long
  • Refill with water when required. This means that at all times, the water level must be higher than all of the jets, any water level sensors, but only 2-3 inches above the top of the filter

You can browse our full range of hot tub maintenance products to find all of the chemicals and equipment you need to keep your hot tub water clean, sanitary, and hygienic.

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