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Hot Tub Shelter Ideas

If you’ve recently bought a hot tub, you’ll understand the feeling once it’s set up and ready to go – you’ll want to share it with everybody! However, before you throw your first party, you may want to make some changes to your garden that will help to make your new inflatable hot tub even more inviting.

Whether you’re looking to create a permanent structure in your garden or just want a pop-up gazebo, there are several ways in which you can shelter your hot tub. Hot tub buildings can range in size and shape.

5 hot tub shelter ideas

Wooden hot tub shelter

One of the most common methods of sheltering your hot tub from the elements is a wooden shelter. These can take the form of a gazebo that you buy pre-made or a bespoke shelter that you build yourself.

Wooden pergolas are a particularly great solution and even if you decide to take your hot tub down, you can use the space under the pergola for garden furniture.

Hot tub sail shade

A sail shade is one of the more stylish ways to shelter your hot tub, providing an interesting design element that’s also highly practical. They’re lightweight, modern, and perfect for blocking out the sun.

However, sail shades aren’t perfectly suited to protecting you from rain, so any particularly adverse weather conditions might still ruin your hot tub experience.

Pop up hot tub gazebo

If you’ve got a party to prepare for and it’s forecast to rain, look no further than the Lay Z Spa Pop-Up Hot Tub Gazebo. Fast to assemble, this hot tub gazebo can be erected in less than 15 minutes with two people, making it one of the most flexible hot tub gazebo ideas.

Hot tub canopy

Otherwise, these hot tub canopies from Mspa have similar benefits without being so large.

Some people will install their Lay Z Spa hot tubs or MSpa hot tubs inside in a summer house, conservatory or converted garage – just be sure to make sure that the ground is prepared for potential water spillage.

Hot tub parasol

Using a parasol as a hot tub shelter is a minimal approach that offers the least intrusive solution to your uncovered hot tub problem. A parasol is best suited to protecting you from harmful rays of sun, but it’ll hold up alright against light rain, too.

Make sure you buy a parasol that’s large enough to cover your full hot tub if you choose this method of shelter, and figure out where you’re going to place the parasol first.

Benefits of hot tub shelters

Protect your hot tub from the weather

Any hot tub shelter has the bonus of protecting your inflatable hot tub from the weather. Bear in mind that some Lay Z Spas need to have their pumps covered as they are not rainproof. As a solution, if you’re building your wooden gazebo from scratch, consider building the pump into the structure in order to protect it.

Although having your hot tub sheltered will prevent water, wind and sun from damaging your hot tub, you’ll still need to make sure the insulated hot tub lid is securely attached as it keeps the inside nice and toasty.

Use your hot tub all year round

Winter is one of the best times to use your hot tub, and newer models such as the Lay Z Spa Helsinki are designed with Freeze Shield technology meaning that you can run a low-energy power saving mode for long periods of time to ensure the water won’t freeze on cold winter nights. You could even install patio heaters so you can enjoy the outdoors well into the evening.

Create a feature in the garden

Pergolas and gazebos are a great feature in any garden, and they can be used to shelter patio furniture as well as water features or hot tubs – however, they do require more investment. You will be able to employ a builder or garden landscaper to create a garden pergola for you that will be in-keeping with the style of your garden. As the plants around it grow accustomed to it, they’ll grow over the top of the trellis, providing a shaded area for you to enjoy.

Bring some privacy to the space

In built up suburban areas, gardens can often be overlooked by neighbours. Putting a hot tub underneath a shelter can provide an extra bit of privacy to keep the hot tub and your relaxation time away from prying eyes, whilst also ensuring that it remains easy to access.

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