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Happy Halloween!

Make sure your little ghouls are kept excited this Halloween with some great games! Whether you are having a quiet night in or a big party, here are some great games to keep both adults and kids entertained.

Apple Bobbing

halloween-apple-bobbingFirst on the list is the classic Apple Bobbing. A traditional game known to many, where a bowl or bucket is filled with water and you attempt to bite an apple and pull it out of the water without using your hands. At the moment, this is not really a scary game, but if you carve some faces into the apples and add plenty of red food colouring or even juice, Apply Bobbing goes from your classic summer kids’ game, to a blood bath of screaming zombies and vampires! Bare in mind that clothes may get rather messy, it is also probably wise to do this outside rather than inside, or else your house may look slightly suspicious with red everywhere…


mummifiedIf you are struggling with ideas for a Halloween costume, or if you want a cheap one, then get yourself some cheap toilet roll and partake in The Mummy Wrap! Not only is this a fun and messy game for your kids to play, but it can also sort their costume out. Simply get two teams together, each armed with plenty of toilet roll, then start your mummy wrapping on a volunteer to some spooky Halloween music and dimmed lighting. When the music stops, the most wrapped mummy wins!

Brain Picking

brain-of-frankensteinLooking for something more gruesome? Or do your children love getting their hands dirty? Cook some pasta and put it in a bowl, then add some wrapped sweets and treats and cover the bowl with a piece of card with a picture of a head on top. As they stick their hands in, the sticky and soggy pasta will feel like brains!




Scary Stories

scary-storiesWhat Halloween would be complete without scary stories? A great way to get kids excited and in the mood to go trick or treating; simply dim the lights, light a few candles and stick a torch under your chin. Spooky music in the background and a few cobwebs decorated in a small room is a great way to set the mood and intensify the scene. Try serving witches milk (warm milk with chocolate sprinkles and cinnamon) as refreshments.




Mummy Bowling

mummy-bowlingAnother fun and cheap game; simply get some plastic pins from your local toy shop and wrap them in either bandages or toilet roll. Finish the mummified appearance with some googly eyes and then you are ready to go!



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