Globber Scooter Review (Elite And Flow)

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If your kids have any interest in scooters at all, you’ll have heard about Globber. Designed specifically with children in mind, they will aid mobility and boost confidence in kids aged 3 and up. The benefits of scooting are great: kids will love to play outside, and they’ll gain spatial awareness and balance as they zoom around the street.

Founded in 2014, Globber is a leading manufacturer in the ride-on toys industry, even catering for adults with their range of commuter scooters. Because of this, the scooters are stylish and practical that can change as their users develop.

There are two types of Globber scooters that are stocked at All Round Fun – but which one is best for your child? This Globber scooter review will compare two scooters, the Elite and the Flow, so you can make the best decision for your child.

  Max. rider weight (kg) Recommended age Handlebar height (cm) Wheel diameter (mm)Weight (kg)
Globber Elite 50 3+ years 67.5 – 77.5 121 3.2
Flow 125
100 6+ years 82 – 97 121 3.14

Key features

Ergonomic, height adjustable handlebars

The ergonomic design of Globber scooters ensure that they’re a pleasure to use, no matter your child’s age. The handlebar grips are designed for small hands, and the height adjustable handlebars allow the scooter to grow with your child so they can use it for years to come.

Strong, stylish frames

Reinforced frames make the scooters ideal for everyday use, and the high-density grip on the non-slip dick will help to keep your kids from slipping off at speed.

Oversized brakes

Globber scooters come with adapted brakes that are easier for kids to use. The larger rear brake on the Elite ensures that even younger kids will be able to use it.

Globber Elite

Globber Elite Overview

The unique flashing light design of the Globber Elite scooter is available in different bright colours to suit the personality of any child, and because they’re kinetically powered, you’ll never need to replace batteries. The scooter is available at All Round Fun in Navy Blue and Lime Green.

Perhaps what sets the Globber Elite aside from all other kids scooters, is the way that it folds. When the kids are tired of scooting, move the T-bar handle around in a spiral so it lies over the deck, and lock it into place. The two front wheels will stay on the ground, and kids can safely pull it behind them like a trolley.

Compared to other scooters on the market, it’s easy to say that the Globber Elite is better designed. Everything is thought of: from ergonomic handles, larger brakes and even spring assisted steering to allow the scooter to ease in a new direction as the user shifts their weight. It’ll help younger children, aged 3 and up, to increase their skills and ultimately boost their confidence too.

Globber Flow Overview

The Globber Flow is a two-wheel scooter built for older children, aged 8 and up. Built for intensive use, it’s going to be great for learning tricks at the skate park – and its non-slip deck means it’ll be safe to use even in wet weather.

Again, compared to other models, the Globber Flow’s folding function is the real highlight here, allowing it to be folded away into a train luggage compartment or the boot of your car. Available in Black/Grey, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Green and Ruby/Grey, there’s plenty of colours to choose from too.

Globber Flow

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