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Get Involved with the Tour de France

With this year’s Tour de France being the first instalment of the world’s most famous bike race to take in the North of England, starting in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, it is the perfect time to get the whole family biking.

The Tour

The three week race commences from Leeds on July 5 as riders surge towards Harrogate 190km away to complete the first stage.

The entire race covers approximately 3,500kms (2,175 miles) and will be contested by 22 different teams including Team Sky, starring the reigning champion Chris Froome.

Live coverage and highlights of the race will be aired on ITV throughout the competition.tour de france 2014 map


Getting Involved

The loyal fans of the Tour de France consistently find new ways to get involved and show their support, including the Yorkshire farmer who has painted his sheep this year.

However, the most common way that Britons are getting involved is getting active and going cycling. The Olympic and Tour de France successes of British athletes such as Froome, Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and Bradley Wiggins are inspiring more and more families to dust off their bike helmets and take to the cycle paths.

At All Round Fun, we stock a great selection of bikes for all the family. Stocking bikes from trusted brands such Coyote, Concept and Rooster in a range of sizes to suit all heights and abilities. Our multi-speed bikes are designed perfectly for enjoyable family treks.

Tour de Home Town

The route taken by the professionals in Yorkshire and France may be slightly too testing for the casual cyclists with steep inclines and long stretches making up much of the course.

Fortunately Cycle Route has a fantastic list of routes for cyclists of all abilities to undertake. The tool makes it incredibly simple to find a local route.


Benefits of Cycling

Recent years have seen a number of schemes and initiatives promoting cycling amongst UK citizens.

There is a real desire to increase the number of cyclists in the country due to the benefits it presents to individual health and the environment.

The Cycle to Work scheme has been designed to cut down the number of workers using cars and public transport for their commute in a bid to reduce the carbon emissions produced by cars and buses.

Furthermore, there are a huge amount of health benefits of cycling.

man cycling

As a low impact exercise, cycling can be a huge part of your cardiovascular workout without causing damage to any of the body’s joints.

An hour’s bike riding will burn roughly 650 calories in an average sized adult whilst toning the legs and bottom.

Up-hill riding will also tone the upper body. Three bike rides a week could have huge impact upon the cardiovascular health of you and your family.


Cycling is also a great social activity with large scale rides being held throughout the country, often for great charitable causes. The Sky Ride is held in many cities and towns throughout the UK and encourages cyclists of all ages and abilities to get involved.

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