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Five Climbing Frames for Little Monkeys of All Ages

Little Tikes Buckingham Climb & Slide Climbing Frame

The back garden climbing frame is the perfect, fun place for kids to play, exercise and develop their motor skills.

With the games atop climbing frames limited only by the imagination of the children; the fixtures are ideal for kids with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Here, we have a look at five of the most popular climbing frames in the All Round Fun range.

Play and Picnic Centre

Plum Play and Picnic Centre

The Play and Picnic Centre is built specifically for children aged 3 to 5, comprising of a small climbing wall, short slide and picnic table. Perfect for parents wanting to spend a fun, sunny afternoon in the garden with their children, the Play and Picnic Centre even features a hidden sand box within the picnic table if the kids tire from endless laps up the climbing wall and down the slide, and want a little bit of sit down play. The climbing frame has been built under strict FSC guidelines, ensuring it is durable enough for the kids and their friends to climb all over.

Climbing Pyramid with or without Swings

Plum Climbing Pyramid Wooden Climbing Frame with Swings

A comprehensive back garden addition, the Climbing Pyramid with Swings is full of fun features including two swings, climbing wall, rope climb, slide and hideout. The climbing frame has features for kids of all ages to enjoy, great for large families. The simple, attractive pine finish ensures this large addition won’t be an eyesore in the back garden.

All Round Fun also stock a smaller sibling Climbing Pyramid without the swings. Still incorporating the large slide, hideout and climbing wall – the pyramid is suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years.

Indri Play Centre

Plum Indri Play Centre

The rain, rot and insect protection of the wooden Indri Play Centre will keep it protected for up to 10 years and provide back garden fun for the kids and their friends all year round. The comprehensive play centre features two swings, a slide and a small workbench for reading, drawing or eating lunch in the summer sun. The climbing frame comes complete with the newly developed speedy slide which will give kids an extra thrill when racing down.

Bonobo 2 Play Centre

Plum Bonobo 2 Play Centre

Named for the mischievous bonobo ape, this climbing frame is perfect for kids who love to let their imaginations run wild. The Bonobo 2 Play Centre features two swings, a long slide and a watchtower complete with telescope. Whether then kids’ imaginations turn the play centre into a pirate ship or space observation centre; there are plenty of features for kids of all ages to enjoy. Underneath the observation tower is a hidden sandbox, perfect for pirate-themed treasure hunts.

For a full range of climbing frames and other fun back garden games, toys and play centres, visit the All Round Fun homepage or call our dedicated team on 0800 043 0437 now.

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