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Crafty Ideas for Rainy Day Play

After one of the rainiest summers on record, you may be struggling with new ‘rainy day’ games to play during wet weekends and dreary evenings with the kids. Here are a few fun craft ideas which will keep them quiet and busy for hours on end.

Green Finger Training

Growing plants indoors is the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about nurturing a living thing and responsibility. Watering and pruning with care will teach them the importance of paying fastidious attention to help something grow. Kids will find it rewarding to see something grow because of the care and attention they have lavished upon the plants. It is an activity which can continue into next year as spring approaches and the kids can plant their efforts in the back garden or start on a more ambitious project.


The Seedling Junior Gardening Kit is an ideal set for your junior Titchmarsh or Dimmock.

gardening kit


Kids are a lot more fashionable than we ever were. Gone are the days when kids would be happy wearing dungarees with ducks stitched onto the front and buttons missing. Baby-size Nike Airs and toddler jewellery has made kids more fashion-conscious than ever. Channel this newfound energy into a creative outlet, encouraging them to design and craft their own accessories. From tote bags for their school PE kit to loom bands; kids will relish the opportunity to have a little more control over their wardrobe.

The Seedling Design Your Own Tote Bag kit is perfect for your little fashionista.

craft seedling

Write a Book

If your kids are avid readers and have lively imaginations, challenge them with a task of writing and making a book of their own. Give them the freedom to choose characters, scenarios, plots, twists and resolutions in their own book. Once the story is finished and written up, you can help them bind the book for a professional look and task them with designing a front and back cover.

Build a Den

Whilst the classic pillow fort can be erected very speedily and destroyed even quicker – building a more substantial indoors den can be a little more time-consuming and rewarding for everyone. A teepee den makes an ideal den for one or two children, offering them a little hiding place. The Hand Made Home offers a tutorial for building a teepee which children can help with after the drilling is completed. The semi-permanent structure is only ideal for homes with a playroom or a dedicated area which could host a teepee for more than a weekend.

Halloween Decorations and Costumes

There are only a few more weekends until Halloween, a great time for kids to get crafty. From spooky decorations to their own terrifying costumes, there are plenty of things for the kids to get involved in the creation of. Let their imaginations run wild, choosing themes and characters they wish to portray on the big night.

child halloween costume

For more crafty ideas, visit the All Round Fun Creative Play page, or call our sales team on 0800 043 0437 for the latest deals.

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