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Christmas Movies for the Family!

What is your favourite Christmas activity? For me, it has to be snuggled up under a blanket on the couch, in front of the warm, open fire grasping a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows watching Christmas movies! Every year we seem to get bombarded with hundreds of Christmas-themed films, with some absolute belters, but also some that are a complete shambles. Then we have a third category, the downright brilliant but bizarre – I’m mainly talking about Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – which quite frankly, is one of my favourites!



If you love Christmas as much as me, this blog covers just a few of my feel good Christmas movies, hopefully you will find one you enjoy just as much as I do!

Firstly, let’s begin with a British classic – Love Actually. Whilst the story follows 9 uniquely intertwining stories of friendships and relationships, the real story is the power of love. Most blokes may pull their face at this one, but from my point of view, it is definitely one of my guilty pleasures, mainly because of the brilliance in its humour. Watching this film is sure to bring a feeling of goodness and joy to your home this Christmas.




polar_expressNext up is a great one for the whole family with ‘THE POLAR EXPRESS!’ as Tom Hanks loves to say. Based around the usual story of a young boy who no longer believes in Santa; the Hero Boy embarks upon a magical journey where he meets a girl, a know-it-all boy and Billy – a boy with very little. The story follows the group on the Polar Express on their way to the North Pole to meet Santa. Along the way, Hero Boy learns about true friends and the magic of Christmas – eventually leading to… Oh wait, I won’t spoil it! You will have to watch it and find out what happens, especially if you’re looking for a great feel-good movie.


Halloween Town is a paracosm filled with disturbing creatures, from the_nightmare_before_christmas_posterJack Skellington, AKA Pumpkin King, to ghouls, vampires and mummies! The Nightmare Before Christmas is a true piece of art delivered by the unique Tim Burton. The story follows Jack,who is in charge of the annual Christmas party, as he ventures into the forest before stumbling across different worlds who celebrate different holidays. When he encounters a world celebrating Christmas, he is taken aback and decides to follow this idea. As a rather bizarre story, the originality really gives this film its mojo – making this my most entertaining Christmas film.


Finally, Home Alone… need I say more? As quite possibly the best Christmas movie ever produced, Kevin has everyone dreaming of the day when their parents leave them at home during the family vacation. Although you may not be as crafty as Kevin, I am sure as a kid you tried to trump some of his pranks and tricks, maybe they worked, maybe they didn’t. Either way, this feel good 90’s Christmas film will bring a smile to you and your children’s faces this Christmas, a long side all the goodies and popcorn you now have a reason to consume!


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