Choosing the Right Trampoline for your Garden

Trampolining is fantastic exercise for people of all ages, helping to stimulate metabolism, increase oxygen capacity, improve sense of balance, increase oxygen circulation, firm and tone muscles, and strengthen the heart.

This makes it a fantastic addition to your back garden, offering the whole family a fun work out.

With a wide range of different trampoline sizes and styles, it can be difficult to choose the right trampoline for your and your family.

Here are a few criteria you should consider when picking your perfect trampoline.


Size of the Garden

At All Round Fun, we have trampolines in a large range of different sizes from 5ft to 15ft.

It would be prudent to decide where you would like to place your trampoline and measuring the area before investing.

This will remove the risk of getting a trampoline home and discovering that it doesn’t fit in your garden.

Whilst having a garden dominated by a trampoline sounds fun, it can be impractical having to bounce to the clothes line with your weekly load of laundry.

The 5ft trampolines are ideal for smaller back gardens due to the fact that they are not particularly cumbersome and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Hedstrom Junior Trampoline

See our Hedstrom Junior Trampoline

Size of the Family

It is recommended that only one person uses a trampoline at any one time to reduce the risk of an accident.

However, if two people are insistent on using the trampoline in tandem, it is strongly advised that they do so holding hands to ensure that they are making contact with the trampoline simultaneously, affording a more regulated bounce.

15ft trampoline

See the large Evostar trampoline

A larger family may benefit more from a larger trampoline, particularly the older members of the family who may require more space.

The EvoStar 15ft Deluxe Trampoline includes an enclosure, keeping the person on the trampoline safe and separate from those watching.

At All Round Fun, we also stock the Hedstrom Junior Trampoline.

Ideal for the youngest members of the family, this trampoline includes a support handle for those who still have not got to grips with balancing whilst bouncing.


Style of the Garden

In years gone by, the vast majority of trampolines were only available in a royal blue colour.

This was the traditional colour of indoor trampolines and was mirrored when external trampolines were first being designed.

However now, many trampoline manufacturers are producing a higher volume of trampoline styles in green, more befitting many back gardens.

If you are looking for a trampoline that will more subtly fit into a lush back garden with plenty of plant life, then a green design may be perfect for you.

If you have a more contemporary and minimalistic garden: a striking blue trampoline may be preferable.

All of the trampoline sets that we stock at All Round Fun are sourced from manufacturers and suppliers that we implicitly trust.

All made from high quality materials and with high quality methods, our stock of trampolines are safe, practical and fun.

We provide detailed assembly instructions and safety guidelines for our customers where possible.

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