Choosing the Right Swing for your Garden

The back garden swing is somewhat symbolic of idyllic family life. Located down the bottom of the garden, the swing becomes a constant fixture for the growing family. Whether it is the youngest members of the family seeking the thrill of going higher and faster or an older member using it as a relaxing seat for contemplation; the back garden swing can appeal to the entire household.

There is evidence that ancient forms of swings were used as long as 2,500 years ago, providing enjoyment for generation after generation. And today there are more swings available than ever, so choosing the right swing for your garden may be a difficult decision.

Size of the Family

The first consideration that needs to be taken into account is the number of people that will be keen for a go. If you have three children of similar ages then it may be churlish to invest in a single berth swing, meaning that two have to jealously watch their sibling enjoy the ride. Similarly, if you are a family that likes to entertain in your garden, then a larger swing may be preferable, lest your garden play host to a snaking swing queue during a summer’s BBQ.

If you are a single child household, then a single swing should suffice, making it more personal to your child as well as taking up less space in the garden.

Size of the Garden

The Tuin Antoine Wooden Swing Set is certain to delight the children of your family but may be somewhat impractical if you have a smaller back garden. The structure is nearly 5 metres wide and could take up the entirety of a small back garden, making it impossible to have a kick about with the kids. However, it would work perfectly in a large garden, giving the children a dedicated area to play in.

If you want your garden to be a place where you can plant flowers and/or vegetables, and also be a play area for the children: installing a large-scale, all-encompassing swing/play area can set a very clear divide as to where in the garden the kids should be playing. This can also protect your prize begonias from being trampled.

The smaller garden may benefit from the Hedstrom Deluxe 2 in 1 Swing which has swinging options for two different age groups without taking up significant space.


Hedstrom Deluxe 2-In-1 Swing

Deluxe 2 in 1 Swing (M08656-02)



Age of the Family

As well as being fun, the back garden swing is also a great educational tool. Children will subconsciously learn about forces, gravity and actions/reactions. This makes it doubly important to select a swing that is appropriate for the age of the family members who would be using it most frequently.

It may be unsafe for a 4 year old to use a swing that is designed for a 10 year old due to the increased height at which the seat will be set. All of our product pages list the recommended ages for the swings, making it easier for you to determine the perfect product.

Style of the Garden

If you have endeavoured to make your back garden a beautiful place to spend warm days and barmy evenings, then the style of the swing may be important to ensuring the beauty is retained and complemented.

If you have incorporated a classic dark wooden theme throughout the back garden, then a swing set such as the simplistic, classic Tuin Paula Wooden Swing Set may complement it perfectly.


Tuin Paula Wooden Set Set



All of the swing sets that we stock at All Round Fun are sourced from manufacturers and suppliers that we implicitly trust. All made from high quality materials and with high quality methods, our stock of swings are safe, practical and fun. We provide detailed assembly instructions and safety guidelines for our customers where possible.

What ever your style of garden or taste, we’ve got a huge selection of wooden swing sets and metal swing sets at All Round Fun.


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