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Inflatable Hot Tub Review – Lay Z Spa St Moritz


If you are looking for an honest Inflatable Hot Tub review on the Lay Z Spa St Moritz, then you have come to the right place! Whether it’s the size, the rattan pattern, or the numerous 140 Airjets that catches your eye, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz is arguably the best Airjet Inflatable HotRead More »

Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives: The Next Big Inflatable Hot Tub


For a while now, Bestway have produced improved, higher spec Inflatable Hot Tubs year on year, taking their customers feedback into consideration to bring out a new line of stunning Inflatable Hot Tubs. This year it seems they have produced the ultimate package; as the UK’s leading manufacturers, they have released the all-singing and all-dancingRead More »

Review: Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hydrojet

Bestway are the UK’s number 1 supplier of Inflatable Hot Tubs and its no surprise with the specification on some of their products, not to mention the number of extras you can purchase to enhance your Hot Tub experience! Massage System So let’s start with the main difference, and main reason why you should purchaseRead More »

Creative Summer: 10 Fantastic Activities for Kids

  Break the boredom and get creative with you children this summer! Not everything you do with your children has to be expensive or require you to leave the comfort of your own home; in fact, there are hundreds of ideas to educate your children and keep them busy. Rather than bore you with aRead More »

10 Terrific Trampoline Games for Summer

If you have not already got a Trampoline yet, you may want one for this summer! Whether its for your kids or yourself, trampolining can actually burn as many calories over a 10 minute period when compared to jogging for 30 minutes! So, not only is it fun, but its brilliant for strengthening your coreRead More »

9 Spectacular Sandplay Ideas for Children

The play culture of Children is being threatened by media and mass-produced plastic toys, as well as recent advances in technology. All of this seems to remove the authenticity of childhood and you often catch parents saying ‘Things were different back in my day’, which is undoubtedly true. Sand, however, has been around for millionsRead More »

10 Key Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs

One of the biggest decisions in life is whether you should choose to go with an inflatable Hot Tub, or a solid and static one… Okay maybe not in your life, but it’s certainly a big deal today. Below, we have listed some of the amazing benefits and features of inflatable Hot Tubs that weRead More »

How to Maintain your Playhouse this Summer

From Axi, to Jungle Gym, to Shire, we offer a wide variety of playhouses and summerhouses for you to choose from, but do you know how to get the best out of your child’s imaginative workshop? Below, we outline a few important points you need to know about the wood used, and how to keepRead More »

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Saint Tropez Review

As with all other Lay-Z-Spa’s, the Saint Tropez is easy to set up; unpack it, stick the sidewinder air pump in, finish it off with the manual pump, fill with water and let it heat up! To make things even easier, there is a DVD which outlines all the steps for you. Bestway tend toRead More »

10 Fun Facts about Trampolines!

FIND OUR FULL TRAMPOLINE RANGE HERE: TRAMPOLINE ACCESSORIES HERE:   Trampolines have become increasingly popular over the last few decades with their prices becoming more affordable, and the awareness for the health benefits increasing. Below you can find 10 fun facts about Trampolining.   1. Did you know George Nissen, an American Gymnast, built theRead More »