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Bums off Couches: Getting your Kids Active this Summer

In just a few weeks’ time, the kids will be off school for a month and a half and it will be your job once again to keep them entertained and stimulated. It can be tempting to give into their clamouring for television and video games, but such a lifestyle can be damaging to their health. With record numbers of childhood obesity being reported, it is more important than ever to encourage your youngsters to be active. Here are five simple ways to keep them active this year.

Dog Walking Duties

If you have a family dog, it will benefit from daily exercise as much as the children. If your child is old enough to venture alone, make it their remunerated job to walk the dog every day. Offer a small rate to walk the dog for a decent length every day. With pound signs in their eyes, the kids will smugly not even realise they’re getting a daily workout.

girl walking dog


The impatient wait for sun cream to dry so they can go in the pool on holiday demonstrates the huge popularity of swimming amongst children. Splashpath allows you to find your closest swimming pool and even allows you and the children document your swimming endeavours, adding extra incentive for the kids. Health benefits of swimming include muscle toning, exercising the heart, promoting weight loss and helping alleviate the symptoms of asthma.

Backyard Games

If you live in an area that is not suitable for children playing in the streets, keep an eye on them whilst letting them get fresh air by turning the backyard into a fun-filled play area. An All Round Fun trampoline is an excellent work out for children, helping to stimulate metabolism, increase oxygen capacity, improve balance, increase oxygen circulation, increase energy, tone muscles and strengthen the heart.

Summer Leagues and Teams

If a local school or leisure centre operates sporting leagues and clubs over the summer months and your child is interested in the sport, then it may be prudent to sign them up. Try and encourage the parents of their friends to do likewise so your child feels more confident and assured that they are going to have fun at these clubs. Sports such as football and rugby are incredibly good exercise and can help children learn how to operate as a part of a team.

Active Video Games

If your child remains adamant that their summer will be spent playing video games, treat them to a video game that encourages movement. The Microsoft Kinect on their latest console tracks movement, and requires an active body to complete challenges. Kinect Sports Rivals allows the kids to compete in a wide variety of sporting events right in your living room.

kinect sports

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