Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives: The Next Big Inflatable Hot Tub

For a while now, Bestway have produced improved, higher spec Inflatable Hot Tubs year on year, taking their customers feedback into consideration to bring out a new line of stunning Inflatable Hot Tubs. This year it seems they have produced the ultimate package; as the UK’s leading manufacturers, they have released the all-singing and all-dancing Inflatable Hot Tub in the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives Hydrojet Pro.

Now, I’m not going to preach to you that you need the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives Hydrojet Pro, but you are certainly going to want it! Constructed from the best aspects and characteristics of its predecessors, Bestway have brought together an incredible Hot Tub in the Maldives – from LED lights, to inflatable cushions, as well as BOTH Airjets and Hydrojets – you won’t miss a treat with this Inflatable Hot Tub.


Built from Bestway’s renowned Tri-Tech material and I-beam construction, the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives is a rigid and durable Hot Tub which is designed to last! The Tri-Tech material consists of a polyester mesh with a layer of reinforced PVC on either side; combining together to create an extra resilient inflatable material. Adapted from the Lay Z Spa Hawaii, the Lay Z Spa Maldives’ square shape provides comfortable seating for up to 7 people!


For the first time, Bestway have added inflatable cushions into the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives for extra comfort. Despite the dense foam-like base that is in all Bestway Lay Z Spa’s Hot Tubs, the addition of the inflatable cushion gives the Maldives that extra luxury factor over its competitors.


Jet System

As standard, Hydrojet Pro models from Lay Z Spa provide both Airjet and Hydrojet comfort. However, none of the previous Lay Z Spa Hot Tubs compare to the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives which boasts its 140 Airjets and 8 fully adjustable hydrojets! Combine both, or simply choose one or the other; either way, you will embark on a cloud of soothing bubbles. If you find the Hydrojets are too powerful for you, don’t worry, you can reduce their power or direct them away from you.



Previously, the Lay Z Spa Paris was the only model with LED lighting, but now the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives features AquaGlow water-powered LED lighting. This new lighting system is powered by water, so the lights turn on when the Hydrojets are activated, and they begin to smoothly change between the 7 colours.

 Maldives lights

Pump System

Reaching temperatures of a luscious 40ᵒC, the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives heats up at around 1.5-2ᵒC per hour. Softening the effects of hard water, the integrated ClearSoft™ Water Treatment System uses electromagnetic coils help to condition your spa water; hard water is attributed to causing skin irritation and staining the body of your spa.

Out of 10? I would give this spa 11. At the end of the day, it has everything. Bestway have combined the individual features of all their previous models and added them perfectly into this Hot Tub. With more Airjets than any other Lay Z Spa Hot Tub, as well as 8 hydrojets, you can’t ask for more in terms of massage power. Want lights? It’s got it. Extra cushions? It’s got it. Super strong? Want it to last for years? Look after it, and it will!

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You can purchase the Bestway Lay Z Spa Maldives Hydrojet Pro here for only £999.95* with Free Next Working Day Delivery to UK mainland!

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