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Bestway Fast Set Pool Review

As spring turns to summer, what better way is there to prepare for the warmer months than buying an outdoor swimming pool? Not just for kids, the Bestway Fast Set Pool is good fun for all the family – helping you to keep cool as the weather gets warmer. The pool comes in a variety of sizes: 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 15ft – so be sure to choose what’s best for you and the space you have.

  8ft 10ft 12ft 15ft
Garden size Small Small/Medium Medium Large
Capacity 2,300 litres 3,638 litres 5,477 litres 10,179 litres
Dimensions Height: 66cm Diameter: 244cm Height: 76cm
Diameter: 305cm
Height: 76cm
Diameter: 366cm
Height: 91cm
Diameter: 457cm
bestway fast set pool

Key Features

Easy set up

One of the best features of a Bestway Fast Set Pool is the ease of set up. It’s best to set the pool on a flat surface, with a tarpaulin underneath to protect its underside and ensure its longevity. Firstly, inflate the ring around the top of the pool and, as you fill the pool with water, the ring will rise – creating the pool walls.

Tri-tech side walls liner

The layered, reinforced PVC pool walls are tear resistant and structurally sound, meaning that you can rest easy in the knowledge that your pool will last for years if maintained and stored correctly. After dismantling the pool, make sure that the walls are fully dry, and add talcum powder so that they don’t stick together.

FlowClear filter pump

The included FlowClear 330gal filter pump cleans the water in your pool by removing debris, so that you don’t have to worry about the build up of dirt over time. Remember to change the filters in the pump regularly, and if necessary, add chlorine to the pool to purify the water.

flowclear fast set pool pump


Your Bestway Fast Set Pool will be insured with a warranty that offers peace of mind. The six-month manufacturer’s warranty protects against defects in the liner, and the twelve-month warranty protects against manufacturing defects with the pump.


When making a purchase of this kind, it’s important to think about all aspects of the pool. If you’ll be completing the set up alone, you may be concerned about the installation process. Luckily, Bestway Fast Set Pools are easy to set up, and depending on the size you choose, will take 10-15 minutes to fill with water. Simply inflate the ring around the top of the pool, and then let it rise upwards as you fill the base with water from a hose.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Bestway Fast Set Pool is the tri-tech material that the pool is made from. This heavy-duty plastic is made from polyester mesh layered between heavy gauge PVC, designed to be completely tear resistant (although they are still not puncture-proof). The strength of the material means that the pool can be set up on most garden surfaces – turf or patio.

Of course, which Bestway Fast Set Pool is perfect for you is dependent on how many people you want to fit in at any one time. The smaller 8ft and 10ft Bestway Fast Set Pools are ideal for supervised children, but the 12ft and 15ft pools are perfect for all the family.

All in all, Bestway Fast Set Pools are a great addition to the garden and if looked after properly, they should last for many summers to come.

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