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Back to School – Keeping your Kids Active!

40961806-back-to-school-wallpaper-background-stock-vectorWell that’s it, summer is over, children are back at school and the winter weather will soon be on its way. So what does this mean for kids? It means the start of school and time to try new things for a fresh new year filled with excitement, learning and making new friends!


With PE now mandatory in the school curriculum, kids have a fantastic opportunity to find their inner athlete and excel at a variety of sports. Whether its simple games such as sack racing, on the climbing frame and a little kick-about or more physical sports such as playing for the football team, rugby team or perhaps participating in badminton – children are now exposed to far more sports to explore their potential.


School sports clubs and local grassroot clubs outside of school are a fantastic way for children to make new friends and to discover a new hobby. There are plenty of benefits from sports, including development both mentally and physically. Allowing children to socialise in groups that communicate on similar levels helps to increase their confidence and also make new friends.


When I was at school, I used to play a handful of sports including rugby, football and athletics. Looking back at my school days, I lived for sport – it helped me through tough times and was a great stress reliever! It gave me the motivation to go to school and work hard, whilst playing hard. It is said that those who play sport from a young age actually benefit educationally from playing sport as well as developing communication and team work. These can be considered vital life skills and can certainly aid the progress of a bright future.

Due to an increase in recent support from Sport England, local grass-root sport clubs are available in almost every town and are a fantastic way for children to make new friends and contribute something back to the community. These clubs are vital in some communities as they offer young kids the opportunity to progress and have fun, keeping them entertained and also teaching discipline.


With Sport England becoming more and more involved in the development of sport for youths, the younger generation have never had more opportunities sat there waiting to be taken. From their £324.9m budget, £200.3m alone was spent on participation in sport, whilst £75.8m was spent on facilities to give the best opportunities for everyone from every background to have a chance at becoming involved in a sport we all love. You visit Sport England to find out more info regarding their involvement with the development of young athletes here: https://www.sportengland.org/


Whether it is your local football team, or just a youth club at your local community centre, a wide variety of sports are available to everyone including lesser known sports such as badminton, tennis, rounders etc. – offering a wider variety for your child to find a sport suitable to themselves.

Participating in any sport usually starts either with your school or local club – even the greatest of sports stars had to start out somewhere. I really can’t think of any negatives regarding why your child should not be taking part in sport, so why stop them? Let them experiment and find their feet in a variety of sports to explore what they enjoy and what is most rewarding to them. For all you know, your child could be the next Ronaldo!



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