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Back Garden Festival Fun

Every weekend at the moment seems to be playing host to another high profile musical or arts festival with the likes of V and the Carling weekender coming thick and fast.

Tickets for these events can be astronomical (a family of four will have to pay £852 for the Leeds weekend, not far off the price of a week in Greece) so many people can only look on tinged with jealousy at wellington-wearing mud-dwellers enjoying the atmosphere.

So instead, create your own back garden festival for next-to-nothing for the whole family and all your friends.

garden party


Spread the Word

A fun activity for the youngest kids will be making posters for your back garden festival.

Give them a few poster examples for existing festivals and let their imaginations run wild with crayons and craft paper.

If they’re a little more tech savvy, they’ll be able to put together a pretty sharp looking poster using PhotoShop or Create Lineup.

Use these as invites for any friends you want to attend, so make sure you include all the important details.


Pick the Prime Spot to Pitch Up

No festival experience would be complete without a spot of camping.

Find the flattest bit of the garden and pitch up your tent and camping supplies.

All Round Fun stocks a wide Camping Range to get you in the festival mood.

Invite your friends to bring their tents and camp alongside you to keep the party going after the sun has gone down.garden tent

Pick the Headline Acts

If The Pet Shop Boys turn down your invitation to headline the festival, you’ll have to pick a plan B.

Make a few ‘best of’ mixes of everyone’s favourite bands, blast them through a speaker system and let a small woman sit on your shoulders to contribute to the festival atmosphere.

If you have any musical friends who always want to bring their guitar to parties, now is the perfect time to indulge them and let them bust out a supporting slot set.

But only turn it up to 11 if the neighbours agree to it.


Keep those Drinks Chilled

One area in which you’ll be glad to deviate from the traditional festival fare is the replacement of warm beers for perfectly chilled tins.

Plus it won’t cost you £4 for a pint in a plastic cup poured by a man with questionable hygiene.

Include soft drinks for kids and those who want to enjoy the festival experience un-inebriated.


Get the BBQ Firing

back garden bbq photo

Unless you want to replicate your first year of university and indulge in festival favourites, super noodles, a BBQ is the authentic and enjoyable alternative.

All Round Fun has got you covered for BBQ Products, including open-fire stew pots for those who insist on cooking noodles.


For more ideas on how to make your back garden festival a hit this summer, visit the All Round Fun homepage or call our dedicated sales team on 0800 043 0437.

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