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April Showers: 7 Fun Indoor Games for Spring

Spring may well be here, but before you let your rabble loose in the great outdoors, remember: April means showers.

Indoor Play Hide and Seek

Should the heavens open over you and your brood this spring, don’t rely on the TV. Instead, keep the kids entertained with one or all of these fun-filled indoor games.

Treasure Hunt

The humble treasure hunt will keep the little ones busy for hours – particularly if there’s a prize at the end. Kids love following clues and looking for objects, so get creative and come up with some riddles and rhymes to throw them off the scent. Steer your chiddlers from room to room through the house, before leading them to the bounty. If you’re feeling inventive, create a theme for your treasure hunt to capture your kids’ imaginations yet further.

Hot Potato

A timeless classic that’s a firm favourite to this day, Hot Potato is a fun way to pass the time. Arrange your kids in a circle and have them pass a cushion, ball or other soft object to each other as fast as they can. Meanwhile, put on some music; when it stops, the player holding the ball must leave the circle, or face a forfeit. Not only will Hot Potato stimulate your kids’ excitement, it’ll develop their hand-eye coordination and reflex skills too – win win.

Build stuff

Whoever said you need expensive Lego to build stuff? Playing card castles are of course a classic, but there are other options if you don’t have a pack to hand. From pillow forts and toilet roll towers to superhero suits made entirely from cardboard, there’s bound to be something lying around the house that will spark your child’s creativity – be brave, and let their imaginations run riot.


Puzzles are perfect for a rainy day. Not only do they keep the kids entertained, they’re great for problem solving, creativity and cognitive development. Whether you dust off the old jigsaw or download a brainteaser or two on your smartphone or tablet, puzzles will keep the kids happy for hours. Another option is to let the children make their own puzzle: Simply ask them to draw a picture on a piece of card, cut into pieces, scatter on a worktop and get to work.

Hide and Seek

The definitive boredom buster, Hide and Seek requires no introduction. For those not familiar with this age-old game: Ask your children to hide around your home whilst you count down from a specified number. When you reach zero, it’s time to seek. From cupboards to wardrobes, the better the hiding place, the more effective the game will be. Your kids will love the excitement and challenge of hide and seek, and should the sun begin to shine – why not take the game into the garden?

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Image sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: Erik Stark.



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