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Alternative Gift and Celebration Ideas for Mother’s Day


Mothers deserve much more than a bouquet of petrol station daffodils and a bottle of Cava on Mother’s Day. We’ve put together a list of seven alternative gift and celebration ideas to surprise the mums in your life on March 15.

Personalised Clutch Bag

The Love Letter Envelope Leather Clutch gives the kids a chance to write a short Mother’s Day message for their mum to read every time she opens up the bag. The small and simple bag is ideal for nights out on the town or day-to-day use. Available in a range of colours, the clutch can be personalised to suit your mother’s tastes.

Experience Day

Experience days such as Silverstone track pass have long been filling the Christmas stockings of dads, but there are plenty of experiences to appeal to all demographics. Experiencedays.co.uk is full of different experience day passes and vouchers which will make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts from pampering sessions in award-winning spas to bungee jumping off the O2 Arena in London.


With Mother’s Day celebrated just two weeks before the clocks go forwards, the nights will soon become longer and lighter – perfect for sipping on a small cocktail in the back garden after work. At All Round Fun, we stock a wide range of summerhouses which are an ideal location for spending time in the garden with the family.

Chemist’s Cocktail Set

Using exact (or heavy-handed) chemistry to create delicious cocktails – the Shaken Chemist Cocktail Kit adds an extra twist to building Long Island Ice Teas and Strawberry Daiquiris. The perfect gift for mums who like to entertain friends on the weekend and enjoy a cocktail or two.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea does not need to be reserved only for trips into the city. Stock up on finger sandwiches and cream buns and treat your mum to a delicious afternoon treat on Mother’s Day, or whenever you’re feeling particularly generous.

Netflix Subscription

Rather than spending a tenner on a DVD your mum will only watch once, purchase her a Netflix subscription giving her access to thousands of TV shows and movies. From just £5.99/month, Netflix is the affordable alternative to buying individual titles. Although you probably should be prepared to spend a little while teaching mother how to work “that net telly thingy”.

Amazon Unlimited

Alternatively, if your mum prefers reading on her Kindle to watching TV, a subscription to Kindle Unlimited gives her unobstructed access to more than 700,000 titles across all genres. This gift is perfect for literature loving mothers who want to increase their library.


For alternative ideas for Mother’s Day this, visit the All Round Fun homepage or give our sales team a call on 0800 043 0437.


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