A Guide to Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

Paddle boards are a great way to get out and explore the open water, and they’ve been widely accepted by the hobby fishing community over the last few years because their quietness, manoeuvrability and affordability make them a great alternative to a small boat. Paddleboards really allow fishers to become part of the river or ocean – letting them ‘stalk the fish’.

Getting started on a fishing paddle board

Fishers tend to take a DIY approach to stand up paddle boarding, rigging up their boards with rod holders, seats and bungee ropes to keep their equipment in place. How you’re able to rig your paddle board will depend on whether it is solid or inflatable. This Hydro Force Huakai Stand Up Paddle Board boasts exceptional stability making it the perfect option for those who want to carry an extra load around with them.

For fishers that are new to stand up paddle boarding, it won’t take long to get comfortable and find the perfect casting rhythm, says Wildside TV presenter, Chris Nischan. His advice? “Keep your feet planted, maintain a centre of gravity, don’t lean forward, and don’t lean back.”

As with most new things, it could be trial and error. Watch out for shallow water – you don’t want to run aground, and don’t pull back hard on the fishing rod when you’ve got a catch.

What to look for in a fishing stand up paddle board

  1. Look for fishing stand up paddle boards that are between 10-13ft in length, and 33-34 inches wide, to ensure stability whilst paddling
  2. Look for a board with plenty of storage space: you’ll potentially need to store all of your fishing kit, plus refreshments, rods and tackle – and ideally, it needs to be secured to the board
  3. Look for a fishing stand up paddle board that is easy to carry and lightweight so that you can load it and carry it alone
  4. Invest in a good anchor to ensure you don’t float away in the current

Best fishing paddle boards

Hydro Force Oceana Stand Up Paddle Board

Perfect for beginners, this board comes with a non-slip traction pad and seat with backrest, ideal for longer periods of time spent afloat. Attach fishing supplies to the front and rear of the paddle board whilst also leaving room for you to paddle, thanks to the board’s 10ft length and 33-inch profile.

Hydro Force Cruiser Tech Stand Up Paddle Board

The Cruiser Tech SUP is designed for longer trips out on the water, as it has room at the front and rear of the board for storage. Three fins underneath the board mean that it can bear heavier weight without losing stability and speed.

Hydro Force Kahawai Stand Up Paddle Board

Complete with elastic cords and a non-slip traction pad, the Kahawai is ideal for those with more SUP experience who are looking to go on long distance trips. Easy to manoeuvre, it is exceptionally stable thanks to its 10ft length and 34-inch width. Metal hooks at the nose of the board are ideal for attaching fishing equipment to.

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