9 Spectacular Sandplay Ideas for Children

The play culture of Children is being threatened by media and mass-produced plastic toys, as well as recent advances in technology. All of this seems to remove the authenticity of childhood and you often catch parents saying ‘Things were different back in my day’, which is undoubtedly true.

Sand, however, has been around for millions of years and has never changed; so why should our behaviour with sand? Well, it shouldn’t. Potential play activities with sand can be endless, as well as the benefits! With no rights or wrongs of sand play, your children can enjoy unlimited opportunities to discover, create and learn – all from something so simple.

This blog is here to inspire you and your children to get involved with Sand play and build a special bond from fun activities.


1. Building Sandcastles

Undoubtedly the idea most associated with the beach and Sandpits, building Sandcastles is both creative and imaginative. Having a Sandpit is perfect for those without easy access to the beach, simply bring out a bucket of water, mix and get cracking with your sand buckets!


2. Build a Fort

As children get older, they need new challenges to overcome. Without new challenges, activities become boring and the same old, so why not take sandcastles one step further? Although this may require more sand, you can still use your buckets, build a moat around your fort and pour some water to flow. To take it to the next level, include some of their toys like dragons, warriors and princesses!

Fort with moat

3. Create Garden

Engaging our children with their creative side, use spades and rakes to help design their own garden using little plan pots as well as artificial flowers. Stones can also be used to create a sturdy rockery with other little artificial flowers. Another great idea would be to bury plastic containers and fill them with water to make a pond with some plastic fish.

Sandpit Garden

4. Build a Race Track

With sand, you have the ability to create whatever you want without limits. Manipulating the environment is easy; build mountains with mounds of sand, dig deep for rivers and lakes, or support bridges with wooden blocks and sticks. No matter what your child decides to build, it will be their own personal race track with which they can push their cars around on – just be careful they don’t get submerged in collapsing bridges, they may be hard to find!


5. Construction Zone

If your child loves playing with their tools and dressing up, this sandpit game is ideal for them. To get them playing the part of construction manager, get them a high-vis vest and hard hat. Dump trucks, diggers and lorries are great for playing construction with especially if there are pieces that can be filled with sand or used to dig.

Sandpit Construction site

6. Fantasy World

Add your child’s favourite toys to the sandpit and provide them with the tools to sculpt their imagination in real life. From fairies to pirates, and from pets to much larger animals, your child can create any world they want in their little magical sandpit.

Fantasy World

7. Sand Drawing

Think of your sandpit as a huge, blank canvas; grab some twigs of different sizes, brush the sand flat and get your child drawing pictures. See their imagination become real with 3D drawings and moulds to help them discover and learn.

Sandpit Drawing

8. Sand Games

Similar to the previous point, you can use sand as a station for games which are engaging for children. Simple brain games such as noughts and crosses, drawing mazes and helping them find their way through, as well as many others can help your child with problem solving whilst remaining fun at the same time.

Tic Tac Toe


9. Archaeological Digs

AArchaeological dig 2llow them to discover their inner Indiana Jones by hiding small toys, fake/clean bones as well as pretty stones within their sandpit. Utilising tools such as shovels, brushes and other instruments can help give them a real experience and engage small motor skills.    Archaeological dig


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